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Movement for life: Hips, knees & shoulders oh my!

By Lauren Walker

Is hip, knee and shoulder pain inevitable as you age? It’s not inevitable but it is very common in our clients over sixty. Let’s look in to the most common issues which cause joint pain in all three areas.


Osteoporosis is a degeneration of bone density. This can be caused by a nutritional deficiency and lack of weight bearing exercise.

Joint Degeneration

Joints degenerate as you age but it varies from person to person. This can cause joint pain and limit mobility.


I hate to say it, but most of our clients over sixty have some form of Arthritis. It can vary in intensity but what I’m referring to is common inflammation associated with arthritis.


Common forms of injury include a slip and fall, a sports injury or car accident. Any form of trauma can be improved with proper healing time and a quality rehab exercise program.

What is the solution?

Improved nutrition is imperative. Do some research on the link between sugar and inflammation. You need to find the right eating pattern for your unique situation.

In addition, weight bearing exercise is an absolute MUST for anyone managing bone or joint issues. Weight training stimulates increased bone density and muscular strength, to protect your joints. It has yielded excellent results for my clients managing the issues listed above. The goal is to maintain your mobility and functionality.

Where do you start?

Exercise is like medicine, it needs to be prescribed properly. My job is to educate you on how to exercise safely and develop a program conducive to your situation. If you are growing older and are experiencing any of the above issues in your life, I’d encourage you to make an appointment.

All Fit All Ages Gym is located in the Port Perry Food Basics plaza, call 289-356-2140 to book your free assessment.

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