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Make Every Step Count

We are told, ten thousand steps is the goal for the average person. I bought a pedometer and off I went. The question I wanted answered is this: How far do ten thousand steps really take me? Firstly, what is your fitness level? I started using my pedometer on Monday. I achieved the ten thousand step mark by the end of the day. This equated to two and a half miles, and less than two hundred calories expended. I spent approximately 5-6 hours on my feet. I rested approximately an hour during the day. My highest step count, being on Thursday, exceeded sixteen thousand steps. I mowed two lawns and rested approximately an hour. I was on my feet 7-8 hours. This equated to an extra seven and a half miles and approximately 450-500 calories. Secondly, how intense is the exercise? Walking ten thousand steps a day didn’t result in high calorie burn. Compared to sixteen thousand steps, I was working much harder during that time. I was also on my feet longer. Working for a longer period of time at a higher intensity resulted in more calorie expenditure. Thirdly, how many calories are you consuming? Most people seem to forget exercise isn’t much without the proper eating patterns. Ten thousand steps aren’t going to make much of a change if you’re consuming too many calories. Results and advice: Fitness Level: Ten thousand steps for the beginner is achievable with time. You must first build up your endurance. Intensity: Vary the intensity to further your results. Walking ten thousand steps is a great achievement. Consider increasing the distance or intensity of exercise to further your results. Calories: Food fuels your system. Making changes through exercise goes hand in hand with eating well.

Keep on steppin’!

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