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Living is hard but God sees us in our struggles

by Tina Y. Gerber - McCurley

My faith has always been grounded in Christ. It is hard to wait for justice when we don't know how, or when or why we all go through so many trials and tribulations in life.

My husband says, "Dying for Christ is easy but living for Him is the hard part!"

God says, trust me. So, I am trusting in His promises, and plans, even when everything around me appears to be going wrong. Some say, with pessimism, “at its best, life is a struggle.” Yet, I will remain joyful in my Saviour, even as my husband struggles to breathe, to walk, to live. I certainly don't want to feed into the negativity he struggles with. I will wait for His justice, while in an unfair system, in an unfair world.

We must take God at His word and wait on His perfect timing. We live in a broken world. Therefore, I will continue to trust God when life hurts and even when it seems to hurt the people I love. Everyone suffers somehow at sometime. The ongoing pain and sufferings are hard, it may be chronic pain, a disability or even cancer. It's hard to live in a world of brokenness, we get sick of being sick, and tired of being worn out. This aspect of life can be a real struggle.

It's hard to reveal our weakness, but God will receive the glory when we let others in, to see God strengthening us in His special way, in our weakness.

That's where we can find joy. It is my trust in God's love, during these stormy nights which helps me cope. I know God sees our struggles, (and yours), and knows every part of us. He has been with us through every chapter of our story, the parts we celebrate, and the parts we'd rather hide and forget. He sees our heart, our desires, how we try to be good, while in a world troubled with sin. I continue to listen to His word: His promises.

When you find yourself in a situation you don't like; one you don't want, and feel like you may drown at any moment, remember to stay connected and turn your focus to the greatness of God. If you are going through difficult times and feel abandoned, know God sees you, cares for you, and is with you, even in the darkest hour on the stormiest night.

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