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Lauren Walker Movement for life

Over the time of my experience, I’ve learned of the most common mistakes people make when exercising. Maybe there’s something you’re doing or not doing which is impacting your success.

  1. Poor eating habits: I put this at the top of the list for a reason. “You are what you eat.” Eating poorly and exercising is a great way to run down your immune system. What you put in your body matters, as it is fuel for exercise. If you’re eating too much, not enough, or wrong nutritional balance this will impact your energy levels.

  2. Change makes change: If you’re doing the same routine you did five years ago, then it’s time to move on. Science says changing your routine every twelve weeks stimulates muscle development.

  3. Stress: Stress is usually the top reason for ill health, in general. Yet, exercise is stress on your body. When you add stress to an already stressed-out body, odds are your energy will be limited. You’ll notice my top three have nothing to do with the gym at all. Let’s look at the most common mistakes in the gym.

  4. Lifting too much: You don’t need to lift heavy weight all the time! Heavy loads stress the joints, and without sufficient rest, will increase your chances of injury.

  5. Insufficient rest: Believe it or not, it is with rest your body gets stronger. Lack of rest increases your rate of injury because the body is not allowed to repair properly. I highly recommend taking a day to rest after a hard workout.

  6. Poor technique: I always say, “Quality over quantity.” Focus on good technique at a weight you can handle. When you compromise technique for weight, then it means you’re lifting too much. Making informed changes in your routine can make a difference in your long-term success.

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