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Kylie Alora Releases Her New Single

KAWARTHA LAKES: Singer-songwriter Kylie Alora, released her new single, “At my Worst”, with Radar Love Records. Kylie is a pop singer out of Lindsay, and is rising in popularity.

With this newest single, “people can expect a new Kylie, someone who has gone through a lot of life experience lately, and wants to share those experiences through music”, said Kylie. The objective of the single is to be “real, raw, and authentic, to reach out and hopefully change a life.”

For Kylie, making this song a reality was “frustrating, heartbreaking, and beautiful, all at the same time”. There was a vision in place for what Kylie and her team wanted this to be: “it was hard to get back into that place that I didn’t want to go in my mind in order to write this song, I wanted to create a piece of art that people could feel something from.”

Kylie Alora was not the first one in her family to be involved in the music world, “my mom was a gospel singer and my dad was a drummer”. Kylie has had an outpouring of support in this industry, “my family has always been there for me and believed in me, as well as my fiancé, he is always encouraging me and holding me through my happiness and tears.”

For Kylie, being a musician, is an opportunity for her to say what she feels and to “make an impact in someone’s life through music which is a really powerful thing, music is my peaceful place.”

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