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Kawartha Lakes councillors prefer action on parking over further study

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: Members of Kawartha Lakes council are looking for the City to take action on parking needs in the Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls areas, rather than work on refreshing a parking study.

At a meeting, on Tuesday, April 9th, councillors saw a report from Aaron Sloan, the City’s Manager of Municipal Law Enforcement and Licensing which recommended to bring a project, to “refresh and update the Downtown Parking Strategy,” to the 2025 budget discussions. The current parking strategy was adopted by Kawartha Lakes council in 2019.

However, this recommendation did not sit right with Ward 7 Councillor Charlie McDonald. He preferred the city take action on recommendations in the 2019 strategy.

“We are now sitting at 90 percent of utilization in downtown Lindsay. So we’re in struggle mode already. So, delaying this for another two or three years is not going to help.”

He noted, the current strategy does not just encompass parking spaces but wayfinding signage, as well.

“This is a pretty serious condition we’re in and we need to address these issues now. A parking study is not going to change anything.”

He also argued, a new study is unnecessary because “we know everything we need in the downtown.”

Ward 5 Councillor, Eric Smeaton agreed with Councillor McDonald’s points on the 2019 strategy, stating, “there’s a lot in this report which could be started tomorrow.”

“I think we have more than our money’s worth with what we have, at least to move forward.”

Ward 2 Councillor, Pat Warren spoke about the state of parking in Bobcaygeon.

“Bobcaygeon is a destination and parking has always been an issue. I know, I was part of a parking strategy a ways back, and it’s actually gotten worse.”

This recommendation is expected to be discussed further, at the City’s council meeting, on Tuesday, April 30th.

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