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Kawartha Lakes Closer to Connected Care with Designated Ontario Health Team

GRAEME MORRISON, Communications and PR, Leader Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes

KAWARTHA LAKES: Residents of the City of Kawartha Lakes are one step closer to experiencing more connected care in our community, as several health and service providers have been working together to form the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team (KL-OHT). The KL-OHT received its official designation from the Ministry of Health on November 18th, which signals that the team can move forward with plans to support a better patient experience, and support providers in delivering more efficient and effective care. Key goals of the team include working together to reduce wait times between care settings, focusing on preventative health measures, and providing more virtual and digital health tools to help all residents, especially those in rural settings, access the care and services they need. “We’re excited to reach the milestone of becoming a fully designated OHT, but most importantly, we’re excited to be able to get to work and create a connected health care system that puts patients first,” said Barb Mildon, CEO, Community Care, City of Kawartha Lakes. “Local physicians, patient partners and providers have united to form a strong partnership to co-design a seamless and integrated Kawartha Lakes healthcare system. Work is underway to advance care navigation and improve access to digital care across the region,” says Veronica Nelson, VP & Chief Operating Officer, Ross Memorial Hospital. The Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team is a collaborative group of health and service providers, who partner to provide quality patient-centered care across the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Lead Members of the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team • Ross Memorial Hospital (co-lead) • Community Care, City of Kawartha Lakes (co-lead) • Patient, Client, Family and Caregiver Partners • The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes • City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team • City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Organization • Kawartha North Family Health Team Get involved!

The KL-OHT is looking for anyone with experience with our local healthcare and services, either as a patient/client or family/caregiver, to participate in advisory councils. Your experiences will have a direct impact on connecting care in our community. To become an advisor, please contact For more information, visit

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