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How do we embrace growing older by Tina Y. Gerber

Today, everything is changing, and aging is no exception. The threat of illness and financial insecurity stimulates us to be anxious. And many of us tend to see aging as an obstacle rather than a time or stage of life we should enjoy. Sometimes, we take life too seriously. Well-being is a state of mind but it also comes from how we feel. It is never too late to adapt and make small changes to your daily routine.

How do you promote health with aging? Firstly, enjoying your life is a significant factor to healthy aging. A happy senior has less trouble getting up and starting their day, compared to unhappy seniors who grumble constantly. Unhappy seniors are more likely to develop diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

There are negative aspects to getting older and often we can become obstinate and stubborn. Sometimes, we think we know more than we truly do and our age equals wisdom, but that is not necessarily true.

So, what is the secret to longevity? Well, the enjoyment of life and general happiness are relevant factors. Exercise and physical well-being are a good place to start. Exercising lifts your mood and energy levels, making you feel better. Exercise also helps relieve chronic pain from conditions like arthritis. It will also help to maintain your weight, lower blood pressure, and will strengthen your immune system. Drinking plenty of water, eating a high-fiber diet; such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and including protein and a good night’s sleep, makes an overall difference.

Seniors who stay in touch with loved ones tend to be happier and healthier as well. Most seniors are expected to live well beyond 85.

Other factors contributing to longevity are:

To have a sense of purpose, especially after retirement. There’s no greater way to keep your brain alert than to learn something new every day. Challenge yourself;

Just because you’re getting older taking care of your appearance doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. When I retire, I want to wear bobbles around my neck, colour the tips of my hair, pink or purple, wear funky clothing from the 70’s and just be that cool “Big Grandma” the grandchildren look up too;

Being thankful for everyday and remembering to appreciate what you do have! Having a positive mindset or perspective helps relieve a lot of stress and will help you in creating a better attitude towards aging and knowing your capabilities and will contribute to a healthier mental health, and a higher satisfaction towards life.

Sometimes, our lives are so crowded we forget to make time to enjoy ourselves. Celebrating life every day lowers anxiety, and depression. The Bible has some interesting observations about the role of society, and the family. The Lord promises His continued tender care, love and concern from birth into old age. For the believer. Life is a Blessing; you too can embrace the power of positive aging, by embracing the source of it.

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