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Healthy at Home with Carol

I first met Carol years ago when she and her husband Harry became training clients. She and I instantly hit it off! More like friends, we email regularly and talk on the phone. Carol is always motivated to keep exercising.

During the pandemic we made a date once a week so I could do a fitness program in the comfort of her own home. It’s a chance to work out together and catch up on the week. It’s not just a Personal Training session. I’m going to visit my friend, Carol who just happens to be turning 84.

“That’s why you come here! It’s got [to] be a little bit of a challenge for me,” stated Carol.

She ran a volleyball program many years ago and was also a swimmer when she was young. I remember her telling me years ago, “We didn’t have weights when I was a girl. Girls weren’t supposed to be involved in sports.” When we get together for her at-home-fitness program, I’m always coming up with something new. She lives independently and wants to keep it that way and so do I.

“When I’m watching TV, I pick up the bands and do my exercises,” said Carol. Even though, she was a teacher for many years, she is also an excellent student. Carol marks down her program every time she completes it and tells me, “I always do my homework!” She is the type of client every trainer dreams of working with.

Carol is always up for a challenge which makes her and I even more alike. Hey, what are friends for?

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