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Have your say at Brock’s budget open house on Monday, February 12th


BROCK: With councillors now in the midst of the annual municipal budget deliberation process, the public is invited to attend a budget open house in Council Chambers, at Town Hall in Cannington, from 6 to 7 p.m., on Monday, February 12th.

During the open house, township staff will be providing a brief presentation on the 2024 municipal budget process, as well as being available to answer questions from local residents.

There is also an option to attend the open house virtually. Send an email to to register and a link will be provided, to allow remote access to the event.

The budget was a topic of discussion, at council’s meeting, on the evening of Monday, January 29th, in a presentation from Brock’s Director of Finance, Trena DeBruijn which marks the start of the 2024 municipal budget deliberation process.

“We’re not getting into the details of the budget this evening,” explained Mayor Walter Schummer. “That starts next week (Monday, February 5th), when we have our department heads here and they do their presentations. Then, we put them under the heat lamp and ask them all kinds of questions. Today, this is a very high-level and thorough presentation and report from our Director of Finance.”

The presentation contained nearly 50 slides and covered a wide range of topics, including: important township demographics and trends; where the township is spending its almost $30 million budget, split almost equally between operating and capital components, opportunities, and challenges for the municipality in 2024 and beyond.

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