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Fast Acting Diets: The Danger of FAD'S

Movement for Life - by Lauren Walker

In twenty-plus years in this industry, I've seen FADs come and go like the wind. I personally dislike the word "diet" because it tends to have a negative connotation. It means deprivation and starvation to most. Let's look at why FADs don't work and why you need to get off the diet train.

Diets Encourage Weight Gain

Those whom I call "yo-yo" dieters experience fluctuating weight. When you have balanced eating and exercise, your body weight levels out and finds its "happy place."

When you deprive your body of the necessary calories, it goes into survival mode. It thinks you're starving and therefore increases its fat cells. You're training your body to gain weight because it needs to survive your next "diet," or famine, as I call it. You need calories for basic functions. Along with exercise and calorie restriction, yes, you'll lose weight. However, your body will also find a way to put all those calories back in. This leads to gaining more weight back.

Quick Solution to a Long-Term Problem

'They' promise so much in so little time. Weight management is a long-term issue and not a quick fix. How long did it take you to get out of shape? Don't expect to fix years of bad habits in mere weeks. You have to dedicate time and energy to developing good habits. This is a lifetime commitment!

Beware of Sales People.

Those who tend to push FAD diets have little to no experience in the fitness industry. They are good business people and prey on your insecurity. Don't fall for it!

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