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Factors which Influence Strength

“How do I get stronger?” A friend at the gym asked me. There are many factors which influence muscle development. It’s not always as simple as we think.

Here are a few easy tips to get you on your way:

1. Quality of movement:

We must first master basic movement patterns. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, learning how to complete an exercise well is the first step. This is training your brain to develop the proper technique.

2. Repetitions: For a beginner, you don’t need much stimulation to develop strength. Two sets of ten repetitions are enough to start. As you get more experienced, the repetitions and sets need to change in order to elicit a specific muscular response. This is dependent on the desired outcome of the individual.

3. Intensity: The weight you push is dictated by repetitions. A basic rule of thumb: Strength = more weight and less repetitions.

Cardiovascular: less weight and more repetitions. You can still develop strength by completing more repetitions. If you’ve been focusing on strength, then try the opposite and do more repetitions with less weight. This helps stimulate different muscle fibres.

4. Consistency: You must practise consistently in order to develop strength. Three days per week at 45 minutes is enough for the average beginner. Practice this for 12 weeks, then change your routine.

5. Nutrition: You cannot develop strength without fueling your body right.

It really comes down to what the desired outcome is. For the average person, it could be as easy as increasing the weight or changing the order of your routine. If you’re in a lull, you can change it up! Switch the exercises or change the repetitions. That is enough to help stimulate strength and keep you progressing in the weight room.

Change makes change!

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