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Exploring options to re-open Beaver River Bridge


BROCK: A recent update from the Ministry of Transportation has fuelled optimism the Beaver River bridge, in Beaverton, on Simcoe Street (Regional Road 15), just west of Highway 12, may be reopened to some traffic.

The bridge has been closed since late November, after serious structural concerns were identified, by staff from the Region of Durham and the Ministry of Transportation. Recently, a structural assessment and bridge load testing were carried out. The results did not support a full reopening of the bridge.

However, according to a press release from the township, both parties are currently investigating, to determine if there are “any feasible options, to partially reopen the bridge with load and vehicular restrictions in place.” As well, the Ministry and the Region have been involved in ongoing discussions, on how to best accelerate the work required, to replace the bridge.

“I do feel optimistic,” commented, Regional Councillor, Mike Jubb. “It’s better than shutting the bridge down for good. I don’t have a timeline, again, we’re at the mercy of the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, as they manage and own this bridge. There are mitigating measures which they’re trying to accommodate for snow plows, school buses, fire trucks, and whatnot.”

The bridge was most recently closed for extensive repairs in the autumn of 2020.

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