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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

How can such a beautiful month of May fly by so fast?

Hopefully, our farmers will get some dry hay in storage during this long spell of perfect cottage weather.

We have a very long stretch of lilacs behind the farmhouse, which were there when I came to live here over 60 years ago. This Spring, with its ideal weather, they have been awesome in colour and perfume. So many of our country roads boast this magnificent Spring bloomer.

Once we endured that very hot week in mid-April, the cooler weather which followed allowed the daffodils, tulips and many other Spring plants to be with us much longer.

Still looking for those graduates to congratulate.

There is no church at Epsom this Sunday, June 4th.

Inviting all community ladies to a “Pot Luck Luncheon” at Epsom United Church on Friday, June 16th. This is an opportunity for all of us to say “Hello” to neighbours we might not get to meet otherwise. We enjoyed our time together last year; let’s do it again.

Utica decoration is Sunday, June 11th, for the Hillman and Kendall Cemeteries.

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