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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

It was a step back in time for many at the Lewis Family Thrashing day on Thursday the 18th, Conc.12, as we watched antique tractors and plows, plowing, reapers, binders, fluffers, horse-drawn wagons being loaded with the newly cut grain to be drawn to the thrashing machine and thrashed separating the grain head from the straw. There was also a display of many antique farm machines, cream separators, butter churners and much more, classic trucks too. The weather was perfect, as was the pie served to all in attendance. Thank you to the Lewis Family. Originally this part (antiques) was at Markham, where they annually had thrashing days.

Coming up at the Ashton farm on Medd Road is the Durham Region Plowing Match on Saturday, September 3rd. Let Nancy Skeding know we are thinking of her for her birthday on August 30th. The address is Roseglen Village Retirement Home, 53 Wellington Street, Port Hope, Ont. L1A 2M5.

Well, it finally rained on Medd Road with a half inch wetting the soil. Communities close to us recorded double that, but it was a small blessing, and we are thankful.

Details for church on Sunday will be on the Epsom church Facebook page.

Beef Farmers of Durham hosted a “Beef on a Bun BBQ” on Friday evening, the 19th, on the Galten Farm at Line 9. All report it was an amazing evening with many activities for all ages. Thank you to the Galten Family.

Please email with any news to be posted in this column.

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