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Epsom & Utica

by Faye Ashton

Here we are celebrating a full moon on Friday. The hunter moon, so called because it is the season to hunt. In the blink of an eye, another month gone.

I’m pleased to report that the entire $39,000 of soybean income raised through our Epsom Utica Canadian Foodgrains Bank Project this year will go to world hunger relief, not the $34,000 stated last week. Local farmers from Epsom and Utica grow the crop with the help of donors. In the Spring of 2024, we will be planting corn and investing your donations in land rent and crop input costs. The seed will grow and multiply as it does each year, so we can share the harvest income with the hungry of the world through the nation wide Canadian Foodgrains Bank. For information, call Gail at 905-985-7792.

The farming community and the many businesses related to farming enjoyed “Celebrate Agriculture in Durham Region” on Thursday evening at the Port Perry Community Centre, including a delicious meal and farmers honoured in the art of farming. The Spirit of Agriculture award winning went to Geissberger Farmhouse Cider. The Leadership award to Tales from Westport and the Farm Family Award to The Found Family. Congratulations to all.

A lively auction and band, Fiddlestix, got every toe tapping to conclude the evening.

Come to worship at Epsom United Church, 10:30 a.m. with fellowship to follow.

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