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Dragon Flies present milestone gift during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

KIM COULTER, Communications Specialist RMH

The Dragon Flies Breast Cancer Survivor Group thrives on hope and positive energy. Even with the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic, the Dragon Flies are grateful for the response to their golf challenges and online initiatives and are once again supporting local breast cancer care with a generous donation to the Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) Foundation.

“Our Breast Cancer Awareness event, which is our Diva night, had to be cancelled again this year, so in lieu of it, we created the Pink Cupcake and Hot Chocolate Bombs drive,” said Jo-Anne Forson, Dragon Flies President. “Our communities came through with incredible support. We were overwhelmed by the orders we have received!”

On October 13, members of the Dragon Flies visited the Ross Memorial to present a $10,000 cheque to Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “We’re blown away by the Dragon Flies perseverance during the pandemic and their steadfast commitment to local breast cancer care,” said Erin Coons. “The Dragon Flies have been visiting the Ross every year since 2004, and with this gift, they’ve exceeded $400,000 in donations!”

The Dragon Flies’ commitment to advancing local patients’ diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer has helped the Ross Memorial Hospital to acquire the best diagnostic technology, and to become an Accredited Breast Assessment Centre with a High Risk Breast Screening program, affiliated with Cancer Care Ontario.

Over the years, the Dragon Flies’ generous support has ensured the hospital could acquire vital diagnostic technology as it has evolved including 3D digital mammography, a sentinel node machine, a mammoviewer, breast imaging software and a biopsy console for the MRI, and an ultrasound machine. Their tireless efforts and passionate support of breast health services ensure exceptional care for our patients every day.

The Dragon Flies offer social and emotional support during and following a breast cancer diagnosis and encourage those interested in membership to reach out.


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