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Contamination causes the latest culvert delay


UXBRIDGE: Recent testing at the site of the Uxbridge culvert project has revealed low-level soil and water contamination, causing the latest delay for the beleaguered project. At a press briefing on Monday, July 8th, Mayor Dave Barton expressed frustration with the latest delay for the project, which has been plagued by several issues over the past year. “I expected my summer to be filled with taking phone calls regularly about construction noise and that hasn’t happened. I’m extremely unhappy with how this project has been going,” commented Mayor Barton. The project has been put on hold for five weeks following the discovery of hydrocarbon-related materials in the soil on the north side of Brock St. In a press release from the township; these were likely from a former gas station on the site. The township which will allow workers to return to the site recently received a health and safety report. As well, an orange processing container has been placed at the northern end of the project area, which will filter out contaminants prior to the water being placed back into the Uxbridge Brook, where it eventually flows into Lake Simcoe. “What I hope happens in the next 30 days is that the project gets invasive again and we can get started,” added Mayor Barton. The mayor also noted that the project had undergone a slight redesign to narrow the new culvert on the south side of Brock St. “It was incredibly invasive to Mondo and the Divine Sisters, so we’ve narrowed the design, so we won’t have to take as many materials out,” added Mayor Barton. As Ward 4 Councillor and Public Works committee chair Willie Popp explained, there are contingencies built into the project budget for issues that can arise over construction. The township expects to have a more comprehensive update regarding the budget later this year. “Changes drive cost with construction,” explained Mr. Popp. “At this point, it’s too early to give you an estimated figure of where we stand. We expect to have a clearer picture in the fall.”

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