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Commercial safety blitz in North Durham gets results

NORTH DURHAM: Durham police (DRPS) partnered with the Ministry of  Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry of Transportation to  conduct a four-day commercial motor vehicle safety blitz in North Durham  recently.

Enforcement occurred at various locations in Beaverton, Manchester, Cannington and Goodwood, and focused on safety and environmental violations.

Over the four-day period, 41 inspections were conducted and 24 per cent of those vehicles were taken off the road. A total of 78 tickets were handed out for various infractions and 32 cautions were given. As well, 11 environmental inspections occurred with a 45 per cent failure rate.

“We wanted to send a strong message to the drivers and the companies who  own and operate commercial motor vehicles,” North Division Inspector  Cathy Bawden said in an email statement. “We will not compromise on  safety. Our citizens and our communities deserve it. We will continue to  remain focused on these traffic safety issues in North Durham and hold  these individuals and companies accountable for their unsafe practices.”

Photo courtesy of Durham Radio News.

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