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Changes could be coming to Uxbridge Santa Claus Parade

UXBRIDGE: In an effort to cut through bureau-cratic red tape, organizers of the Santa Claus Parade recently requested to be released from their status as a committee of council.

In, a letter from the Chris and Bernice Brown, organizers of the parade since 2014, outlined some of the unique challenges organizers face as a committee of council. Several years ago, the parade was granted committee status to stay in line with new regulations surrounding liability insurance, which the parade has obtained through the municipality for many years.

The committee recently sourced an alternative option at a reasonable cost, which led them to bring their request to Council. “Sadly, changes within the government, that are needing to be implemented by the township have made it difficult for a non-profit volunteer organization, with limited funding, to run as efficiently under the township’s committee of council umbrella,” read the letter from Bernice.

“We hope that the township will agree that the parade does belong to the community as a whole and allow it to continue, as it had for 58 years, before all the confusion and new government rules put its success at risk… In a day and age when there is so much negativity and sadness, we get to give our community a little bit of fun, laughter and joy.” It was suggested, by Ward 3 Councillor Bruce Garrod, council extend an invitation to organizers to make a deputation at an upcoming meeting, to ensure councilors have all available information. The motion passed, and the Browns are expected to appear before Council in February.

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