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Todd Snooks appointed Deputy Mayor as part of Uxbridge council shuffle


UXBRIDGE: Councillors recently welcomed a familiar face to the position of Deputy Mayor as Ward 5 Councillor Todd Snooks assumes his new role in the near-annual rotation of leadership responsibilities.

With a blend of experience, community involvement, and a dedication to public service, Mr. Snooks' appointment after several years of service in the role by Ward 4 Councillor Willie Popp embodies the spirit of Uxbridge's commitment to democratic governance.

Having served diligently on various township committees and community initiatives, Snooks brings a wealth of insight and a deep understanding of local issues to his new position. His tenure promises to build upon the township's tradition of inclusive decision-making and transparent governance.

The rotational system, which sees a different township council member appointed as Deputy Mayor each year, reflects Uxbridge's commitment to equitable representation and shared responsibility. By allowing every council member to serve in a leadership capacity, the township ensures diverse perspectives are considered in the decision-making process.

The rotation will continue next year, with Ward 3 Councillor Zed Pickering slated to take over as Deputy Mayor on March 1st, 2025. Regional Councillor Bruce Garrod will wrap up the rotation, effective January 1st, 2026, when he is scheduled to assume the role of Deputy Mayor.

In a statement, Councillor Popp expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, as well as endorsing the rotation process.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the Township of Uxbridge as Deputy Mayor for the past five years," commented Councillor Popp. "I have always been a strong advocate for training and succession planning, and I support the rotation of Deputy Mayor completely."

With Todd Snooks at the helm as Deputy Mayor, Uxbridge Township embarks on a new chapter of progress and prosperity. As the township continues its tradition of rotating leadership, residents can rest assured their voices will be heard and their interests represented in the halls of local government.

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