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Brock Township launches new quarterly newsletter for residents


BROCK: To enhance communication and foster community engagement, Brock Township has unveiled its latest initiative: a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter is aimed at connecting and communicating with the almost 13,000 residents of the municipality. The newsletter will serve as a comprehensive guide to Township services, programs, events, and upcoming projects.

This move comes as part of the Township's ongoing efforts to keep residents informed and involved in local affairs. By providing a direct avenue for communication, Brock Township hopes to bridge the gap between local government and its citizens, ensuring everyone is up-to-date on important developments and opportunities within the community.

Each newsletter issue will feature articles highlighting Township services, such as waste management, parks and recreation, and public safety. It will also showcase upcoming events, including festivals, workshops, and community gatherings, offering residents a chance to participate and connect with their neighbours.

Moreover, the newsletter will offer insights into ongoing and upcoming projects undertaken by the Township, ranging from infrastructure improvements to environmental initiatives. By sharing information about these projects, Brock Township aims to foster transparency and encourage feedback from residents, ensuring that community priorities are duly considered.

For those who may not receive a copy of the newsletter in the mail, additional copies will be available at the Municipal Office located at 1 Cameron Street East, Cannington. Alternatively, residents can request digital copies by contacting

This new quarterly newsletter represents a significant step forward in Brock Township's commitment to open communication and civic engagement. The Township hopes to build a stronger, more connected community for all by keeping residents informed and involved.

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