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Can you afford not to invest in your health?

by Lauren Walker

"If you don't invest in your health now, be prepared to pay for your illness later."

This excellent saying I came across is the inspiration for this article. Over the years, a common reaction to paying for a gym membership or personal training is, "It's awfully expensive." My question to you is this: can you afford not to invest in your health?

Let's put things in perspective. I watch people come in and out of the grocery store every day. What's in their cart? I have learned people have no issue investing in their bad habits. How much is a pack of cigarettes? How much is a case of beer? How much is a bottle of pop? How much does it cost to eat out? All these choices have a cost, and what you'll find is poor health is the consequence. Is it really worth the investment when you're bound to lose?

What is your time really worth? On average, any beginner exerciser would only have to invest one hour, three times a week. That is three hours a week. Sounds pretty reasonable. Would you rather have to drive to the doctor's office, sit there and wait?

The harsh truth is all these bad habits are like investing in your future illness. I encourage you to total up all your bad habits and see how much it really costs to maintain them. After you do that, come see me at the gym, and we'll compare which habit is really more expensive. The purpose is to understand you have choices, and what you do now, will impact you later. More investment now, means long-term gains for your health.

All Fit All Ages Gym is located in the Port Perry Food Basics plaza. Call 289-356-2140 for your free assessment.

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