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Brock council to decide on how to fill mayor’s position later this month

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

BROCK: Brock Township council is expected to make a decision, on Monday, February 22nd, on how to fill the mayoral vacancy, following the recent death of Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden. At a special council meeting, on Monday, February 1st, councillors voted to declare the office of the mayor to be vacant, and to allow Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer to continue serving as an alternate member on Regional council, until the township’s mayoral vacancy is filled permanently. “As we all know, this needs to be done. Councillor Schummer has been doing a great job, in my opinion, in representing the Township of Brock down at the [Regional level],” Ward 2 Councillor Claire Doble said. Brock Township now has 60 days to make a decision on this issue. Clerk Becky Jamieson is working on drafting a report for council, which will outline possible options available to council. Ward 1 Councillor Michael Jubb suggested holding a special council meeting, on Monday, February 8th, to discuss how to move forward with filling this position. “I am getting a lot of people approaching me, already, with questions on what the way forward is,” Councillor Jubb explained. However, staff and other council members felt it would be better to give the clerk more time to draft her report. “This is obviously a very sensitive subject, [there’s] a very complex series of options. I just want to make sure the clerk has adequate time to fully prepare that report, in a way that covers all options, all possibilities, [and] provides council with adequate background information,” CAO Dean Hustwick said. Regional Councillor Ted Smith, who has been serving as the township’s acting mayor, agreed with Mr. Hustwick. “There’s no rush. You do it right and make the right decision,” he said. Ms. Jamieson assured councillors the report will come to them at the February 22nd meeting.

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