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AVEC is working to display artwork around Uxbridge

COURTNEY McCLURE The Standard Intern

UXBRIDGE: Mini art displays are in the works at the hands of the Arts and Visual Enhancement Committee (AVEC) in Uxbridge. These art displays have been referred to as “art boxes” by both the Uxbridge town council and by AVEC’s chairman, Stuart Blower. “Essentially, they [the art boxes] will be small places for people to walk by and view mini art displays,” explained Blower. The boxes will be built a few feet off the ground, with the artwork standing at a typical eye level. According to Blower, the area where the actual art piece will sit will be about 12 or 18 inches high, by about 24 inches. Also, there will be a tempered glass window so people can view the art installation, said Blower. The artwork will also be locked into the casing. The artworks would also be changed out every few months. AVEC is thinking, maybe every six months, but Blower said, the timeframe would depend on how the program works. According to Blower, the Uxbridge Public Library is building an “outdoor space,” and may display one of these art boxes in that space after they finish it. “This might be one of the places… and it might be changed every month to illustrate art from young people,” said Blower. Inspiration for this project came from one of the committee members from AVEC, had seen displays like these types of “boxes” set up in Toronto. And pitched it to Uxbridge’s town council. According to Blower, AVEC initially pitched the construction of six boxes. Their original idea also had the boxes placed downtown, but, since AVEC has regulations they have to follow, they are considering scattering the boxes around town rather than keeping them all downtown, specifically. Blower gave the example of the Uxbridge Heritage Centre having expressed interest in displaying one of these boxes on their property. He said the locations will depend on the places that agree to host the artwork displays. AVEC is still deciding how they want to approach the construction of the box. For example, they could put it on a wood post, and use screws to stabilize the structure into the ground. But they are still in the planning stages of how the base will officially be made. Construction of the base has to be determined and approved by the region, said Blower. However, AVEC decides to construct the base, it cannot be permanent. They must build it in such a way that the township can remove it properly and efficiently for clearing of snow from sidewalks in the winter. “The structure stays in place,” said Blower. “But it’s like a drawer in a cabinet. The artwork can be pulled out from the cabinet.” According to Blower, the artist will have to work within the space of the drawer, and then the drawer is put back into the box. That way it can also be easily replaced and switched around. The funding and the idea of having a pull-out-drawer for the artist to work within has been approved by the town council. They give the AVEC art committee a budget every year, according to Blower. Last year they created a public art tour. AVEC also has a “secondary budget”, as Blower referred to it, for maintenance costs. That budget is used for maintenance of artworks in the downtown core. The tour features public art spots in Uxbridge.

AVEC is working to display artwork around Uxbridge

by The Standard News Media Inc | April 30, 2020 Podcast

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