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Anne Goreski: Here’s to 100 years!

As a fitness instructor, my mom teaches twice a week at Westshore. I heard about one lady in her group named Anne Goreski, who will be 100 on November 17th. She participates in the group classes and, from what I’ve heard, has made excellent progress.

The first thing to strike me was how refreshingly easy-going and relaxed she is. Her first comment to me was how energetic and enthusiastic my mother is, and my response was, “She loves what she does.” I asked Anne if she enjoyed attending my mother’s classes, and she said, “Oh yeah. Sometimes I can do more, and sometimes I can’t. I just do what I can.”

She tries to take walks when the weather is good. “It’s nice getting out in the fresh air. It just lifts you up.”

I laughed jokingly, “Having ten kids, I guess you were very active!” She laughed and nodded, “They were always kept busy.”

From milking cows to mucking stalls, Anne is definitely no stranger to hard work. Growing up on a farm, Anne and her family consumed what they grew. Her mother and sister lived into their late 90s. Anne, herself, is blessed with good health and, at 100, only has high blood pressure. “If you’ve been blessed with good health, then you’re lucky.”

It is clear Anne is the modest type and very easy to get along with. We spent most of the time laughing about life and what it means to age. “In my day, 50 used to be old. Now it’s just the beginning of life.”

I hope we can look at 100 years with the same sense of humour she displays while sharing her story.

Happy Birthday, Anne! You are truly a gift to me.

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