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Age and Wisdom: Facing the Pandemic with Positivity

With age comes wisdom. With that wisdom comes the ability to cope and manage stressful situations in a positive way. There’s an interesting study I read with some surprising statistics. It seems in the face of crises it is beneficial to be older. What is the older population doing right and how can we learn from them?

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry showed, “People in their twenties and thirties reported having the highest levels of depression, anxiety and stress, plus the lowest levels of happiness, satisfaction and wellbeing. Older people, surprisingly, were the happiest.” This is not to say, people over sixty are not struggling emotionally. It appears the study suggests, older people are better at coping with stressful situations. They tend to live in the moment and prioritize what really matters. In simple terms, they can shake off the day-to-day stress of life. Whereas those in the younger age range still feel peer pressure to succeed financially, materially and socially. Most older clients I work with don’t feel the need to compete with anyone. They realize, it doesn’t matter.

From my experience, older individuals tend to prioritize health and wellness above all else. They are in a better financial position to invest time and money into their health. It is not about looking good or trying to impress their friends. They engage in activities which are pleasing. After reading this study, it is not surprising to me older people are better at managing stress. They have the benefit of experience and really understand what matters and what doesn’t. “They have come to accept themselves for who they are, rather than who they’re supposed to become.”

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