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Zephyr & Sandford Oct. 12

By Pat Asling

Here is an interesting Thanksgiving poem to start by Lydia Maria Child

Thanksgiving Day

Over the river, and through the wood Trot fast, my dapple-gray! Spring over the ground, Like a hunting-hound! For this is Thanksgiving Day. Over the river, and through the wood, And straight through the barn-yard gate. We seem to go Extremely slow,— It is so hard to wait! Over the river and through the wood— Now grandmother's cap I spy! Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done? Hurrah for the pumpkin-pie

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanks giving weekend although the weather didn’t cooperate at all. After the gorgeous days we had for most of the week we could expect it was going to happen sometime soon. Hopefully we will still get a few weeks of nice weather to finish up garden chores and get in the rest of the crops.

My apple tree is overburdened with fruit, bending to meet the earth and already I have baskets of windfalls in the house! Banjo Cider, my neighbor recently started their press so hopefully there will be action soon.

Audrey Kester keeps me informed about the Zephyr ladies who live in various retirement homes in Newmarket. On Sept. 30 Mary Lunney reached the grand age of 100! That landmark is not as rare as it used to be but still a great accomplishment. Belated happy birthday to her!

Recently Eleanor (Ellie) Powell lost her husband Art. Many around the area knew Art because of his antique cars, tractors and other machinery but perhaps fewer knew his wife. However Ellie will celebrated her 80th birthday on Oct. 16 so a cheery card might be in order! Don and Heather Wilson moved from their family farm on the 7th a couple of years ago now it seems, but Heather was well known for her work at the hospital and still may be on call when needed. She celebrated her birthday this past week.

Happy anniversary to Louise (Weir) and husband Steve Lougheed as they celebrated their 26 years of marriage. They have 2 sons and just lately Louise was feted at a party where she works for her 25 years of service. Congratulations on both counts!

Congratulations also to Dr. Vince and Augusta Winder who celebrated 63 years of wedded bliss. Long retired, they just fairly recently moved into a new home but still in Uxbridge all these years.

Another couple celebrating an anniversary are Jason (Jay) and Nic Steward. They enjoy the outdoors and spent the Thanksgiving/anniversary weekend camping at Huntsville and Arrowhead Provincial Park. They have 2 sons, both of whom are following their father’s footsteps by playing with the Legion Pipes and Drums band.

It was sad and shocking news to learn of the sudden passing of Dianne Morris. Dianne was raised in the Zephyr area and while I never knew her father I did know her mother, Margaret McNelly, who lived across from the Zephyr church. Dianne lived in Uxbridge but often returned to her home church of Zephyr. Our deepest sympathies to the family!

Wednesday, Oct. 11, is the date for the next Uxbridge Horticultural meeting at the Senior’s centre, starting at 7 p.m. Guest speaker will be Victoria Whitney speaking about transitioning Container plants for next summer, something to think about as the cold weather descends on us! The group is looking for a new secretary and Rose has been doing the job for almost 20 years!

The Uxbridge Genealogy group will be meeting on Thursday, Oct. 19, at the library and probably on Zoom but I don’t know the topic as yet.

And the North Durham Nature group will this month, Oct.24, be meeting once more at the Seniors Centre. The noon hour is also scheduled as a Community Care lunch, scheduled for the Villa if COVID doesn’t raise its nasty head. There is another to be at Douglas Crossing this Tuesday and the Seniors lunch on the 17th at the Seniors Centre.

Church on Sunday was at Zephyr with the Rev. Wayne Reed leading the worship. Karen Rynard was assisting with many of the readings and replies. It is great to see Karen active again. Next Sunday we will be back at Sandford as we celebrate another anniversary service, and service to the community. Rev. Reed will also be the worship leader for this special service and there will be extra special music (we have special music every week!). Please join with us in this celebration. The following week we are back to Zephyr to celebrate their anniversary with them !

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