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Zephyr & Sandford News Sept. 14

by Pat Asling What a busy week it has been, sandwiched in, as it was, between Port Perry and Uxbridge Fairs. Some families from here show cattle and other livestock at both venues, and I am sure many others go to both just for the fun. Now it’s down to serious work in rounding up the crops and settling into school, at whatever level those kids may be in. My granddaughter started at Trent University last week, and it was the first time in many years I had set foot on a university campus. Much to my surprise, her dorm and some of her classes were in the same building where the Peterborough Archeological group used to meet, the Peter Growski building.

There are quite a number of birthdays to celebrate this week so we will start with Laura Ross. Laura and husband Morley lived for many years near Leaskdale and raised their sons there. Laura was the former Laura Weir. Next is Ron Stewart, married to Doris Brandon, with children Jason, Jeff, and Susan. Birthday wishes go to Randy Payne. I was working alongside Randy in the Lion’s food booth on Saturday afternoon. Barbara Peck also celebrated a birthday. Barb and Tony are enjoying being retired and able to host the whole family at the cottage. Neighbour LeeAnn Ball also enjoys her retirement after nursing for so many years. Seems like all the nurses I know are now retired!

Greetings also to a lovely young lady, Catherine Jane Smalley, now living and working in Calgary and able to host her parents, Stan and Amy, for her birthday. Another of our ladies, Gloria Cox Ewen, formerly Cox, was born and raised on the 6th on the farm now owned and operated by brother Murray. Gloria lives in town with her husband, Sandy. Happy birthday also to Ted Smith. Ted is not from here but well known in the area, in politics, Ploughing matches, etc., along with his sister Norma and her husband, Jim, the Fergusons. One birthday, I made a mistake on the Hockley one mentioned last week. The birthday is actually for Allan, not for Doris and her sister Doreen. The triplets’ birthday is actually in May. Belated birthday wishes to Allan Hockley, who lived with his family south of town.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Keith and Sharon Doucette, who spent their day with their new grandchild. Best wishes also to Gordon and Charmaine Elford, who celebrated their 50th anniversary! Wow, not possible, but his mother said so.

Our sympathies go out to Sheila Richardson on the death of her older brother a short while ago.

On a happier note, a little bird told me that Mabel Oldham, who lived many years in Zephyr, will, on September 26th, celebrate her 96th birthday. Mabel has for a number of years been a model for the Bethesda Reach Womens Institute (W.I.) and no doubt will be again this year as she gets around quite spryly.

Recently, the Museum Horseshoe Club held a horseshoe championship in which 25 people took part. Winners of the Kirvan Cup were Peter Bouchard and Bob Prince, presented by Bob Kirvan. Winners of the Ken and Irene Watts trophy were Don Dye and Grant Manock, presented by their son Dave Watts. There were 42 members this season and 12 new ones for this year. They play on Tuesday evenings at 5 p.m. now the days are shorter. All these members are also members of the Uxbridge–Scott Historical Society, formed in 1970 or so. It is important to note, for historical clarity, that it is Uxbridge–Scott Society because, at that time, the township was made up of the two smaller townships, and I want to emphasize that, since many newcomers do not know the historical significance. The museum is/was in Scott and was the Quaker Hill Public School; several of the buildings come from Scott, as did many of the original members, so it is important to remember these facts. Like so many organizations in the community, the Uxbridge-Scott Historical Society is in need of executive members, so if you would like to become a decision-maker, contact Bob Kirvan.

The Friends of the Foster are also in dire need of volunteers to assist with the Friday night at the Foster concerts and a few other events. It’s not difficult work, and you get to hear a free concert. Contact Bev. Northeast if you would like to help for next year, starting in June. We really, really need assistance.

One anniversary which is remembered all over North America in particular, and the world in general, is 9/11, a day of infamy which started many other conflicts around the world. I read that a new Museum will open in the space where the Twin Towers used to be. Hopefully, it will be a sign of peace!

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