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Zephyr & Sandford news

by Pat Asling

Today was Peace Sunday in the Christian Advent Calendar. Sadly there is very little peace in the world today unless you can find it within yourself. The whole world seems to be caught up in wars. If it’s not wars it is floods and other natural events which uproot and displace thousands of people.

One of the oddest things I read this week was when Putin chastised Israel for killing thousands of innocents. Is that not what he is doing in the Ukraine? The death toll in Palestine is now up to over 17,000 and increasing every day, with a huge number of women and children included. Peace is a long way off in the country where the Christ, the Peacemaker was born!

It seems the more that is happening around here the fewer things I can write about as it is impossible to get to most of them. This weekend was loaded with events, many occurring at the same time. Friday night Jazz at Leaskdale had been scheduled for weeks with Amy Peck playing. I wanted to go there but then One Voice with my favourite choir was booked for the same night. Anne Irvine and I went to Leaskdale! It was disappointing to hear Tom Baker say that Amy was sick with COVID but that his fellow player would substitute. Turns out this gentleman was a wonderful player, on the saxophone, his bass and another horn as well. It was the most fun musical evening I have had in a long time. The next one is scheduled for February 2nd. These are presented to raise funds to help pay for the grand piano which Tom plays so effortlessly.

Remember the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society has a Fund-Raiser ongoing, to do all the great things they have planned. Continuing work on the parking lot to the north of the church and trails etc to the south. There are also many more displays and other things regarding LMM to be done downstairs. Please donated to this wonderful community historic place.

One Voice was singing Saturday afternoon too but I was booked to babysit the Salvation Army Kettle at that time so I missed it again, first time ever I think. But I did get to hear Cynthia Nidd on her violin as she was the person ahead of me. She was playing when I arrived and I let her play as I had been talking to her awhile ago about that. It was a great way to start the afternoon. The Kettle is at Zehrs and the LCBO on Thursdays to Saturday. The work of the Salvation Army is world-wide but there is a lot done here in Uxbridge for all those around, from food and clothing to bookbags and books, bedding, help with housing etc. If you are in these locations, please drop something in the kettle or at the office door on Toronto Street North.

Then there was Jennifer Neveu-Campsall’s new choir, Northern Trails Vocal Connection, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. But with one thing or another, I couldn’t get to either of them. Coming on December 21st is a concert headlined by Leah Daniels and her friends. So you can expect many more of our local musicians to be part of that event, being held at the Uxbrdige Music Hall. There are a number of theatrical performances and of course the one creating the most hype has been 'Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune' on December 13th to 15th at 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday the 16th at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Wonder what Grandmother Evans would think haha?

Plus there have been a large number of craft shows around town and outside for you to spend your Christmas money.

On Saturday morning the Zephyr Community Group hosted a Breakfast with Santa. There were many attendees and a great time was had by all. The legion held a Childrens’ Christmas Party on Sunday afternoon which was delightful and much fun according to organizers. Mr. and Mrs. Santa have been sitting in the window at HB for awhile but Sunday afternoon they went off down to Centennial Park from 12 noon to 2 p.m. There was a fun time coupled with the Toy Drive which has been ongoing for several weeks now. At least it wasn’t raining but it wasn’t sunny either.

Congratulations to Bruce Brandon who has published two books of poetry recently and presented samples to the Library. Bruce grew up in Uxbridge where his dad owned the Shell Station before Tony Peck did. He went to highschool in Uxbridge and then came back to teach there for many years. He still lives in Scott (Uxbridge) Township. Church was on once again in Zephyr this week with Rick McKinely leading. Rick will also be with us next Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Advent. On the 12th A Community Care Luncheon was be held at Douglas Crossing. On the 13th the Uxbridge Horticultural Group had their final meeting of the season and it is a pot-luck supper, which began at 6:30 p.m. On the 14th the Uxbridge Genealogy Group will hold their Christmas party, at 7 p.m. in person only, at Uxpool, as the Library is being renovated. Happy eating.

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