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What a gorgeous day we had on Sunday, so cold but blue sky , no wind and the sun shining! The rest of the week has been a bit wishy washy, up and down temperatures, some rains, some snow, lots of wind and cloud and days like yesterday (Saturday) when it was cold but no wind.

Saturday was the Remembrance Day service in Uxbridge and there was a very large crowd in attendance. It always amazes me how quiet the hundreds of people can be at such an occasion. Even the many dogs are usually very good, babies too! The Legion Pipes and Drums were in good form as usual and it seemed there were even more police and firefighters than usual. It was a lovely service all in all.

And this morning (Sunday) we had another great service at Sandford with Rev. Dr. Bill Fritz in the pulpit. Bill always had some very apropos stories to tell, this time about his own family and the effect of war, PTSD, on so many of those who have served during the battles of the years. Years ago it was not recognized as a medical problem but as a personality problem, a lack of stamina etc. Deborah Clements piped two familiar Remembrance Day parade songs for us as well as reading the scripture. It was nice to have our coffee hours once more.

Following the service in town Saturday I went up to the Foster where those people who were volunteers for the Optimists Christmas House Tour were able to tour our decorated building. The decorations were indeed beautiful and were almost entirely the work of Anne Irvine with some help from husband John and a couple of friends. Anne spent countless hours working in the design and construction of these decorations, several of which were later sold. My contribution was only some of the greenery and berries, seed heads etc. On Sunday the other ticket holders viewed the Foster along with the other 7 houses that were part of the tour. From several of the comments the houses were beautiful but not surprisingly, the majority of people attending the Foster, had never been inside before! As well as the huge greenery decorations the many cyclamen that adorned the inside were also sold at the end of the day, all these funds going toward upkeep of the Foster.

Don’t forget the “Ladies of the Foster’ reading of Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. It is at 2PM Sunday the 19th and admission is by donation. On the 18th Loop Day will occur as well as the Santa parade, staring at 10:45 a.m.

Unfortunately the Horticultural meeting scheduled for the 8th was cancelled due to road conditions. The silent auction will be help at one of the meetings in the new year. The next event is Dec.13 at 6:30 PM. This is the time to bring a friend or your spouse/partner as it is a potluck with everyone contributing. The next meeting will not be until April!

Some celebrations this week include Erin Blackstock. Erin is one of the up and coming young female singers in our area, born and raised in Zephyr, one of the children of Bob and Mary.

Happy birthday also to Neil Elford, son of Harry and Lois Elford, also born and raise just south of Sandford.

Birthday greeting also to Jamie Elizabeth, suffering soul-mate of Trevor Cox who is making a name for himself in many fields!

Belated birthday greetings also to Mark Clarke! Mark is the husband of Carol O’Neil so when you see him in church this coming Sunday wish him a happy birthday. Carol will be with us for the next two Sundays to finish off the month.

Greeting also to Karen Harwood Popadynec. Karen is the younger daughter of Bruce and Barb.

In the Saturday Toronto Star there was a series of photos of veterans. One of those was Rev. Bill Thorneloe who was 99 years old. Rev. Thorneloe was one of the early ministers of the Sandford, Ashworth, Zephyr charge, more than 60 years ago!

On the 16th of November, the Uxbridge genealogy group will meet, both zoom and in person. Guest speaker is Michelle Jeannotte speaking on Military records and how to find them. She has been with us before and gave oodles of great information. In the days after that the Uxbridge Library will be undergoing some inside renovations so our December 14th meeting will be held at the Town Hall with coffee and refreshments on hand!

Also on the 18th of November is the Christmas market at Tindall’s Market It is also on the 19th and Dec. 2 and 3!

On Dec. 14, 15 and 16th the long awaited Living Christmas pageant will once again return, presented by the Uxbridge Baptist Church. Time will be 7:30 PM and 8:15 PM.

Also on Dec, 18 an Old-fashion Christmas Concert will be held at the Leaskdale Historic Church at 7PM.

And don’t forget the Seniors lunch on Nov. 21 and the Community care lunch on the 28th. A very busy time coming up, including several different plays etc to be held at the Music Hall!

Also for the kids, breakfast of pancakes and sausages with Santa, Sandford on Nov.29, 9-11 with admission by donation, and at Zephyr on Dec.9 , 8-11AM, admission $5 per person. Donations to Loaves and Fishes accepted.

And say good-bye to November!

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