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Zephyr & Sandford news

by Pat Asling

Some weeks it’s easy to just sit down and spend time writing this column. Others, it takes a bit to organize all the disorganized thoughts, no matter good or bad. It’s late already but I will start by telling you about my worse day this week. If you are on FB you will have seen where I woke up to dropping my coffee jar on one of my favourite bowls and smashing it into many pieces( the bowl). Then I looked out the window and saw that my pole feeder was bent way over and 2 other bird feeders were on the ground. The all metal one was bent a bit but that was fixed, the other one, the plastic container part in bits! At the other side of the house my $70 feeder, metal ok but the inside in its, total garbage! Then I discovered a stump I used for several potted plants, with the front half torn off. Well, I had been blaming the raccoons but no raccoon did that! Bear sightings are becoming more and more common. I didn’t see him but he left his mark!

A few months ago Bruce Harwood passed away and there was no one in the family who wished to carry on this 4-5 generation farm. Consequently it was sold, to a farmer not from here and a sale held a couple of weeks ago. Consequently I learned that Brenda Moore, the eldest daughter, and husband Brian were moving to Alberta, close to their son George and family, and also sister Margaret. This community, as well as that of St. Andrews will miss them very much but wish them well in their new chapter.

Happy birthday this past week to Bob Meek, who was 95. Bob moved some time ago to be with son David and wife Dorina in Verner, but later moved to a Care home. His brother Gerald visited there, they were out in the boat, and Cor VanMaurik also talked to him, so he is doing well . Happy birthday again to Rachel Smalley; her mom Amy never forgets to mention when her hard working offspring celebrate! Happy birthday to Sheila Richardson. Sheila is not as well as she used to be, same as many in us, but they were spending some time at their cottage earlier on! Double celebrations always come round for Ron and Gayle(Acton)Cordingley, whose birthdays fall on the same day. Too bad if they only get one party! Congratulations to James (Jamie) and Janet(Cox) Rose who celebrated their 40th anniversary. They have 2 daughters and now a wee granddaughter. Congratulations to Jessica Phoenix who was named to Team Canada for the Paris Olympics in dressage and eventing athletes. We will all be cheering for her and her horses! Several weeks ago Cor and Jennie Van Maurice took a trip to Alberta, visiting many of the famous Canadian site! Adele Boy is home from visiting several relatives, as well as scenery, in BC. Best wishes for a quick recovery to Cathy Ellig who had hip surgery a week or so ago and is recuperating at Butternut Manor. She will soon be home, if not when you read this.

On Saturday there was a kite flying day on the museum grounds. Attendance was good, lots of kids learning to make kites and how to fly. I do hope they weren’t out though when that cloudburst occurred! Might have been some lightning strikes!

Sad to read that the group “Bach to Blues Co” from Stouffville is folding/retiring. I heard them several times in Stouffville and they did a concert for us at Sandford a few years ago. Adele Boy and a couple of others from here once belonged. I was looking for some news about our young Mack Moore but there was no barrel racing this Wednesday so they took their mechanical horses(tractor) to the Blackstock Tractor Pull. No results yet! This week the Uxbridge Horticultural Group meet, 7:30 Wednesday 10th, at the Seniors building. Jillian Bishop speaking about growing vegetables. ( Sadly, there is no Senior luncheon this month).At the Foster Friday night perennial favourites Rick and Larry performed. These 2 have been performing together for many years and there are definite changes but their voices are still great and their songs enthusiastically received! This week the performer is David Doner, who also has been to the Foster many times!

On last Tuesday several members of the Sandford/Zephyr board met at Zephyr with Rev.Li Armstrong to talk about this Sundays service, her first with the congregation. Then on Sunday she led her first service with us followed by a welcome lunch. Due to sickness, holidays, etc not as many attended as wished but it was a good beginning! It was great to have a Alayna back playing her violin with her grandmother Ruth. Alayna was part, along with her father, who accompanied the group from the Baptist church to a northern community. She wants to go again! I say, go girl!, as much as you can!!

 Please join with us next week at 10 am. On June 23 the Sandford Decoration service was held in the church. Pastor Gord Shreeve conducted the service with about 25 in attendance. On July 7 Zion Zephyr Decoration service was held in the cemetery, with Keith Profit conducting the service.

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