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PAT ASLING Special to The Standard

Another strange week has gone by but hopefully winter has given its final blow. I think the worst thing about the storm was the wind and I see a number of large limbs down along the highways, as well as many smaller ones. Although the snow was more than we got before, it melted away in no time and was quite beautiful while it lasted. Under that mantle were all the spring flowers, some in full bloom, others putting up flower stocks among the leaves. So inspiring to see! Another inspiring thing so many were looking to see was the solar eclipse which happened Monday. When you read this it will be just a memory. Enjoy but take care.

In one of her early books Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote on June 7th, 1900, in Cavendish, she witnesses an almost complete eclipse of the sun.

The Easter Egg Hunt and fun afternoon at Zephyr Hall Easter Sunday was well attended with 42 kids participating in the hunt, the games, rides on Tommy the pony from B&B Stables, and henna designs by Naz.

Celebrations this week go out to Adeline Clark, second daughter of Marcie and Brad, who turned 15. Always a party in that house, or even the barn.

Greetings also to Sharon Doucette, wife of Keith and now a grandmother. Best wishes also to Gloria Eng. Gloria is so busy with so many activities, it is hard to know where she is from one day to the next. Thanks for doing so much for the community. Birthday wishes also to Karen Van Vught-Barnert. The Van Vught family have lived here, on Sandford Road for many years, until mother Doreen passed away and the place was sold and is undergoing alteration. Karen moved out west, met a young man and is enjoying life with their four sons. Best wishes for quick recovery go out to Yvonne Harrison who had a serious fall a week or so ago in Florida and is now recovering at home. The woman is indomitable, she can do it.

Our condolences go out to Mary Anne Herrema, wife of Ron, to all the family on the death of her mother Anne Lamont. On Thursday last I went to the funeral of Dennis Trowse at Low and Low Funeral Home. There were several family members, I assume most from Newfoundland which is where he had been residing for two and half years, two of us from Sandford and a handful from Uxbridge. Dennis and wife Jean as well, lived in Uxbridge but came to the Sandford United Church, usually bringing daughter Christine with them (who is now in a local nursing home). Dennis was a great guy, always up for telling a story, he and Jean worked on a particular trail to keep it looking good and was an asset wherever they were. Sadly Jean passed away several years ago. A video showed a Dennis I would have been hard pressed to recognize in so short a time.

Friday night was the final “Jazz in Leaskdale” concert organized by Tom Baker and this weeks guests were Tom Warburton, who had performed many times and Larra Skye, both a singer and a trombonist. The church was full and the audience very appreciative. The evening closed with both Tom and Larra playing their trombones. The programme is scheduled to return in November. Meanwhile, “Friday Night at the Foster” concerts begin on May 3rd with Django Djunkies, with their 1920 gypsy swing or jazz first up. Thanks to Brian O’Sullivan for organizing the first couple of months. He is also part of these first performers.

This past Sunday a choir which has been in Uxbridge for 42 years held its final concert. You have probably heard on the news a number of major music or dance groups around Ontario and the world have had to call it quits for one reason or another so the Uxbridge Chamber Choir is not alone in that. Tom Baker and wife Ann Mizen-Baker started this choir and have been the guiding lights ever since, no matter what else they have been involved in. St Paul’s Anglican saw the final curtain. Our thanks to them for all the great music they bought to Uxbridge and the whole area but it is not really the end for either of them making music.

This Wednesday, April 10th, the Uxbridge Horticultural Group will have its first meeting of the year at the Seniors building. Joanne Shaw is the presenter, talking about low-maintenance gardening. You can also renew your membership, pick up your yearbook and some flower seed. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. but come early.

On Friday night, the 12th, Donnell Leahy and Natalie McMaster are performing at the Music Hall as a fundraiser for the new hospital. Years ago I recall the Leahy family performed there with the children all taking part and I recall they were a big hit. Things are heating up in Zephyr around the future of the library. One group is holding a meeting at the hall on the 13th, from 2 to 4 p.m. They also have a petition out, while another, sponsored by the township is holding an information meeting at the hall on April 20th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you are interested in the fate of this library you should attend and find out all the facts.

A note from my friends Rosemary and Jonathon Oliver, long-time volunteers at WindReach Farm, on Saturday, April 27th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. there will be a number of activities, including sheep shearing, new lambs and chicks, wool demonstrations, music and much more. Admittance is $30 with tickets purchased via Funding goes towards the programs of the work of Windreach.

Later, on June 12th and 13th the RCMP Musical Ride will be performing. More on that later.

On Thursday April 18th the Uxbridge Genealogy group meets at the library, or zoom, for their meeting. Speaker is well known Nancy Trimble of the Durham group, who will be speaking on DNA, a hot topic just now. On May 4th there will be a book sale in the Compton Room between 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you have any genealogy books you wish to contribute please get in touch with Linda Boyd. Sales goes to the seller.

Church this month is at Zephyr with Laura Kay leading the next two Sundays. On April 21st we will hold our annual meeting with the big topic being our upcoming amalgamation and finding a minister.

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