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Zephyr & Sandford news

by Pat Asling

Record breaking! What a lovely few days we have had this past week, sun, blue sky, and for this time of year, warm. I am sure everyone enjoyed it except those who make their living ploughing snow and those who own ski resorts.

It is concerning though, as apparently, the past year was also record breakingly warm, bringing us closer to the temperatures which might spell disaster.

Then there is the Maritimes looking at possibly their second record breaking snow fall. I don’t like shoveling snow but I also know we need snow cover for our crops and plants, and an early budding of our fruit trees followed by freezing will spell the end of the crop this year. We have to wait and see. Even the maples are giving up their sap far too early.

Horse shoe pitching probably could have taken place during the last two weeks but it will happen again. Once more the Uxbridge Club, under the direction of Bob Kirvan, will host the Regional Seniors tournament. More on that later.

Coming up in the next few months are the Foster Friday Night Concerts. Beginning in May and running until October. The first two months will be looked after by Brian O’Sullivan, a member of several of the groups who will be performing. Programs will be available soon.

One big announcement this week was the retirement of Pat Higgens. Pat was not only the owner of our local Canadian Tire (CT) but was deeply involved in a great many programs within the town, mostly dealing with children and young people. As hard as he worked for his business, he worked as hard or harder for the town and I am sure he will not give that up completely, at least those not tied to CT. Our biggest thanks to him for all he has done.

We are happy to have our Adele Boy back home from her month long visit to Australia where she had a wonderful time meeting friends, family and past colleagues. Bryan Smith was also away for a week, in Germany where he visited the Horsch factory. There they produce some amazing farm equipment including a Leib Sprayer, a Tillage machine, and visited the Horsch Farm itself. State of the art farm machinery.

We have also been saddened to learn our friend Dorothy Baker was once more in hospital after suffering a fall and some bone breakage. She is presently in Uxbridge for rehab. Our friend Cathy Ellig was also in hospital for an operation and was spending a few days in Butternut for rehab. Dorothy out, Cathy in! We wish them both speedy recovery.

Birthdays this week include Don Cordingley. Don has some health problems but still managed to get out and visit work sites where his team is busy and always has a joke and a laugh. Happy birthday also to Marcie Clark an amazing young women who helps Brad run the farm and corrals both he and their four talented daughters (along with the beef). Greetings also to Ruth Murdock, the former Ruth Noble. Ruth married a minister and for many years they have lived and ministered in the United States but she has enumerable Nobel relatives, right around here, where she was born and raised. Big birthday greeting to my long time friend Doris Brandon Steward. Doris was born and raised in Uxbridge. She and Ron raised their three children here as well. And then there are the Risebrough brothers, David and Paul, who have their birthdays on the same day but whose ages are quite a bit apart. These boys (to me) were raised on the family farm on Davis Drive, owned by parents Gord and Dorothy, and later shared with younger brother Michael who now runs this award winning establishment.

Congratulations to the ladies of Community Care Durham, Port Perry office, who were awarded the Business Excellence Award by the Scugog Chamber of Commerce. One of these ladies is Jillian Howsam who coordinated the meals for Community Care Lunches and does a terrific job under difficult circumstances. One of these meals will be coming up on Tuesday at Douglas Crossing.

Congratulations to Walter and Lyn (Rhodes) Campbell on the birth of a second great-grandson, Zane. Will he be a writer, a painter or a musician? Great artistic genes must be there. I noticed Graham Greene has won an award, the Red Nation Lifetime Achievment Award for his 40 years and 150 feature films and TV productions. I recall he used to hangout around here quite a bit, a few years ago.

Congratulations to our own Trevor Cox who this day, as assistant coach of the Uxbridge Bruins, finally took coaching seriously for his 200th game. Wow! Thanks Trev for all those young guys you have coached over the years. Then there was recently acquired Owen Shier who was feted for his achievements in the 100 games club. The Uxbridge Bruins said, “We are thrilled to recognize defenseman Owen Shier for recently becoming the first-ever double member of the 100 Games Club in both the Provincial Junior Hockey League Orr Division (also with Little Britain Merchants Hockey) and with the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League (NOJHL) and the Timmins Rock Jr. A Hockey Club. Brother Ryan isn’t doing too badly either!

Yuk Yuks is coming to the Sandford Hall on March 2nd. Tickets are still available for $25 cash. Contact Heather Moore for tickets. Church this week was at Zephyr as will next week but Pastor Gord Shreeve will be leading worship. In March we will be back to Sandford. While writing this I received word Bill Lockie had passed away. Bill and Jackie raised their family on the farm in Zephyr and lived there for many years. After Jackie died Bill moved into Douglas Crossing and just a month ago I had a great conversation with him, where he said how fortunate he felt at having his children around and looking after him so well. Another of out old-timers gone. He will be missed.

One of our life long Uxbridge residents has recently been honoured for his artistic talents, Randy Wilson. He was born and raised in Uxbridge. At an early age his parents, who were always active in the Uxbridge music world and other aspects of the community, taught him to give back to his community. Just recently he was awarded a Golden Emmy Award. Possibly like many of you, I had no idea what that was. He has enlightened me and I will hopefully enlighten you at a later date as I am passed my word limit.

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