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PAT ASLING Special to The Standard

Winter has arrived! At least it was here when I wrote this column Sunday evening but maybe by Wednesday Spring will have popped back in the picture. Never mind, we won’t have temperatures in the -50C range although the wind nearly knocked me off my feet a couple of times, walking from the church back to my car Sunday morning. The worst part was Saturday was so wet and sloshy and then the ploughs etc. came out and left these big piles of snow, deep tire tread marks in soil and snow, and now they are frozen solid and unmovable. A good place to slip and fall sooo, be careful, until the next warm spell arrives.

Despite the wind and cold on Sunday morning there was a reasonable turnout of folks with Carol O’Neil leading the worship. Her message centred around when Jesus called his first disciples. He indicated we should look at the underlying positive aspects of a person rather than focusing on all the possible negative attributes that individual might possess. Next week Rev. Dr. Bill Fritz will be with us, always a treat so come join us.

Our week began for many people in the area and further afield, with the Celebration of Life for Bruce Harwood. Sandford United Church was full of those who came to pay their love and respect to a man dedicated to his farm, his family, friends, his church and community. Rev. Sean Astop of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church conducted the service. Nancy Wolfe played the organ, a sound not heard there since the llast time she played for a service. Five grandchildren and two children presented their various memories of Bruce. Of course, memories of Bruce were tied up with memories of Barb. Burial in Sandford Cemetery followed the service while a reception took place at the Sandford Hall. He will be missed by a good many people for a long time.

There were a few birthdays for the week starting with Erin Smith. Erin is the wife of Les Smith and they live with their three, or maybe its four now, children, in the Sunderland area. Les of course is into the tractor business while Erin has her own career. Wilma Bakelaar also enjoyed another birthday. Wilma and John live in Kitchener now, having decided to age in place like a few others I know. Both are well and active where they are, always good to hear. Another lady must have been the model for the energizer bunny. Carol Gibson enjoyed another birthday. That woman is a wonder. She still is accompanying Jennifer Neveu-Campsall’s new choir, Northern Trails Vocal Connection, which has already enjoyed success at their first concert, well before Christmas. Speaking of Jennifer, hubby Scott Campsall celebrated a birthday during this time as well.

Happy birthday wishes also go out the Jeff Stewart. Jeff enjoys his computer business and also camping in the great outdoors as much as they can during summer. His nephew Nathan, eldest son of Jay, and an up and coming piper like his father, also had a birthday about the same time. Brad Clark was another lucky guy who celebrated with a birthday. Brad’s lovely wife Marcie and his four talented daughters. I am sure it made him feel very important on the day, as they seem to do most days. Those girls love the farm and take example from both their dad and mom on farming. At least one will be available to take over a few years from now. Every farmer today should be so lucky.

Finally, another sad bit of news, as we note the passing of Stephanie Joy Weddell. Stephanie was the youngest daughter of Lloyd and Ollie Wilson. Lloyd of course was the celebrated auctioneer who won some awards for his prowess but who passed away at a similarly far too young age, the youngest of his many brothers. Stephanie was only 50. She married Glen Weddell in 1996 and they have four children. I understand Ollie has been living with them for a couple of years as well. Stephanie’s siblings are Sharon, Graham (Dr. Jennifer), Rev. Craig (Stacy) and Dawna. The Weddells live in the reconstructed house, once owned by Ray Shier and family, (where Linda Waggs was raised) then Lorne and Lucille Wagner. I am not sure if there was any owner between them and the Weddels. Our deepest sympathies go out to all the extended Wilson/Weddell family as well as all those she touched in her works as an Early Childhood Interventionist worker and a founder of Precious Minds.

Finally, on a brighter note, the goldfinch are at my feeders by the hundred and the juncos many more than usual. Cardinals, purple finches, nuthatches woodpeckers, chickadees, jay and doves eat lots but I am glad to see them.

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