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We wanted heat, and we got it! And will continue to get it all this week, it seems. What we really need now is some good soaking rain. Oh yes, we got some rain, but no sooner the sun shines, and the wind blows, and the ground is dry again. My vegetable garden is mostly planted, but I ran out of space even with all my tubs and pots, so I need to find a few more and then it’s up to the water situation!

The lilacs are amazing this year both in quantity and quality of bloom, and the perfume is wonderful. Many people have mentioned that they have certain shrubs that had not flowered in previous years or very sparsely but were covered with bloom this spring. Perhaps we appreciate things more this spring, or maybe the weather was perfect for whatever was needed to rouse these bushes. Haying is well underway, at least the first crop which seems to be good as it had the advantage of the early rains. Some of the next cutting may not fare so well, nor many of the grain crops that have been sown earlier. Anything you do as a farmer is a gamble!

Congratulations to Erin Blackstock, another of our young songstresses who continues to make a name for herself in the music industry. We are fortunate to have so many up-and-coming musicians of various talents in the Uxbridge area. I know Zephyr residents are proud of her accomplishments.

Robyn Ottolini made another smash in the headlines this week as she was presented with her 1st Gold Record! How wonderful is that? This news came on the heels of her first USA tour fronting for another band in 24 cities! Last Monday morning, she was interviewed on Global TV.

Happy birthday goes out to Gloria Cox Ewen as she celebrates another under lockdown. Unfortunately, it’s become the norm now, but hopefully, next year will be different. Best wishes for a great year ahead to Stacey Brown Kearly on the occasion of her lockdown birthday. At least real estate is hot!

Happy birthday also to Rev. Karen Croxal! Karen ministers part-time for Trinity United Church and has a few church services on zoom for the congregation.

Speaking of the United Church, this Sunday marked the 96th anniversary of church union, when the Methodists, the Presbyterians and Congregational, with a few very small denominations, joined to form the United Church. As we all know, this wasn’t completely successful because the two largest denominations did not fully join. Hence, we still have Methodist and Presbyterians and the United Church. Attempts at further union over the years have, so far, been unsuccessful.

Late last week, I had an email from Audrey Kester, who lives in Renessa Retirement Residents in Newmarket. Audrey and Ron lived for many years in Zephyr and were an integral part of the church and community. It has been 12 years since Ron passed away.

Audrey wanted to inform me of some special birthdays of Zephyr friends. Jean Harrison, who lives in the same establishment, will be 97 on June 6th; Beth Brown, who also lives in Newmarket, will be 90 on June 7th; and Pater Doling, who lives with his son in Zephyr, was 92 on June 1st. Audrey herself will be 89 in December.

Best wishes for continued long life and health for these wonderful people.

A most welcome phone call came from Dorothy Baker. Dorothy was her usual bubbly self, although she had had a fall from which she was recovering well. She inquired about all her church family and asked specific questions about many families, not forgetting anyone. It was good to assure her that most of us were seeing this through quite nicely and looking forward to when we could meet again.

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