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Ugly displays of hate have risen this past week. It is all around, and seems to even be within our own towns. Some people make their feelings known by toppling statues, but that does nothing to change history, good or bad. Without these reminders we are much more likely to repeat acts of discrimination. We can’t change what happened a century ago but we can make sure the future does not contain seeds of the same thoughts and deeds.

A few blessed ladies celebrated their birthdays this week. Anne St. John was one of these, and I am sure she was kept busy on her day and celebrated the coming changes. Lois Elford also had a special birthday. Lois and her sisters, Grace Evans and Marie Wilson, are very special ladies, and all have lived long and productive lives, giving to their communities. Grace and her husband Floyd Evans celebrated an anniversary, a long and happy union with many children and grandchildren to show for it.

Eileen Warren had her 97th birthday, a wonderful accomplishment for anyone. Eileen and her husband spent most of their married life in Uxbridge, running a hardware store and raising their family here; most still live in the area.

Marie Forsythe turned 89. She is still very active, always on hand to help out at the Community Care lunches when they were in operation. Marie spent much of her working life in the Public Health Office when we had one in town. It was here I first made her acquaintance, and so enjoyed our friendship, then and now!

Another couple celebrating an anniversary are Donnie and Gloria Ross, who have been married for 38 years. Both are now retired, although Don does pick up odd jobs, just to keep out of Gloria’s hair I suspect. Just kidding! They get along well, and survive all the various cousins that claim relationship.

Joan Evans Wideman and husband Dwight also had an anniversary. They both celebrated birthdays recently as well, so it has been a good time!

One upcoming birthday Ross Risebrough’s 81st! He will celebrate this weekend, along with Father’s Day.

Sermons for the day mostly took the scripture Mark 4:26-34 as their text. This is the parables of the seed, and of the sower, most apropos for our farming communities. There were several different layers of thought brought out; Jesus was not talking about seeds on hard ground as such but about the words in hearts.

On June 19th, the Zephyr community will be hosting a “end of drive” sale organized by June Archibald. Watch her on Facebook for a map of the homes taking part so you can get there early.

Great news for our churches that our manse has been sold, and very quickly at that! It was on the market only a week. Our real estate broker was our own Nancy Hill and she has done a fabulous job for us in bringing this to such a quick ending. New owners have already made plans for renovations and changes. I don’t know as yet who the buyers are but it appears that they have parents living in the community, a plus for everyone!

Carol had this wonderful Celtic blessing:

May the strength of the wind and the light of the sun, The softness of the rain and the mystery of the moon reach you and fill you. May beauty delight you and happiness uplift you. May wonder fulfill you and love surround you. May your step be steady and arm be strong. May your heart be peaceful and your word be true. May you seek to learn, may you learn to live, May you live to love and may you love, always.

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