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It has been an exciting week in various parts of the world and for different reasons. The forest fires are still raging in BC, destroying trees, homes and livelihoods. This is continuing right across the prairies from Alberta to northern Ontario.

California and many other mid-western states are also burning briskly. While the number of COVID cases continues to rise sharply. In Europe, still suffering from floods in the north, other parts are fighting forest fires in Turkey, Greece and other countries around, they are finally admitting that Climate Change is to blame. But the question people need to realize is, “What and Who is causing this?”

Very close to home, a young man lost his life when his vehicle collided with a dump truck. The cause of that has not been announced. Still, apparently, Sandford Road was closed in the area for two to three days as the truck spilled all its diesel fuel into the ditch which connects to the Pefferlaw R. Consequently, the ditch had to be excavated to about 10’ to collect the contaminated dirt. All this will need to be refilled in time. Our sympathies to the family of the deceased!

Then, of course, there are the Olympics! I have never been particularly interested in it, but when the Canadians are doing so well, you can’t help but get involved. Andre De Grasse won gold and bronze, the women’s soccer won overtime, and Moh Almed won his silver. It was disappointing to all around that Jessica Phoenix was not able to compete, as her horse was injured. Hopefully, there will be another time for them!

Congratulations to Geoff Carpentier, who has won yet another award, The Carl Munn Media and Conservation Award 2019-2020 from the Ontario Nature Award Committee. Among many other things, Geoff is the leader of the Breeding Bird Atlas in our region but has written many books and articles on all aspects of nature.

Speaking of nature, the gypsy moth-caterpillars, cocoons and moths seem to have left or gone undercover more likely. There were hundreds of males flying around, but I never did see any females with egg masses. The worst horde is the earwigs, which delight in eating holes in every leaf on every plant. They will bite you too if you get in their way. Now the Japanese beetles are becoming a nuisance. They are beautiful beetles but can also be very destructive.

What I am not seeing is the amount of monarchs or other butterflies that are usually around at this time of the year. I have let one go and now have four chrysalises just hanging around but usually have many more by now. Oh yes, this is supposed to be the year of the cicada, but so far, I have only seen two!

Big birthday wishes have gone out to one of our Sandford Ladies, Norma Scott. Norma is a busy lady. Always helping someone out, going to Curves, driving for Community Care and other activities! Her family is very proud of her, as are we all!

Happy birthday also to Amy Smalley! Usually, Amy is planning a party for Stan or one of the kids, but this time Stan took her on an enjoyable weekend away from the farm. Good for you, Stan!

Another birthday boy is Ed Beach. Ed was promised cake, and I know it was good because his wife Pam is such an excellent cook. She probably had their four yr old granddaughter baking something for the party as well!

Happy birthday also to my brother Jerry Asling! Jerry and Joan live in Hanover, where he had his dental practice for over 40 years and is still very active in church and community activities, and he and Joan (Clarke) tend up to 400 bluebird boxes. They have spent the summer babysitting their youngest granddaughters at the cottage.

Shirley and Don Hewlett were excited that their son Richard and wife would be visiting from BC. They would be attending the wedding of their daughter Kendra to Victor, in Windsor. Unfortunately, Shirley and Don are not going but were enjoying the visit anyway. Both Kendra and her husband (a Nigerian) are pharmacists, and Kendra works in the hospital.

Our sympathies go to the family of Jean Mitchell-Bain. Jean was born in a small house on Main Street, North and lived much of her life in Uxbridge, passing away at Reachview in her beloved town. She became an exceptional nurse and spent her career in various hospitals in Toronto and other medical facilities. She was a long-time member of the Uxbridge Scott Historical Society, which is where I knew her. She was also a member of Trinity United Church. She had four children and a number of grand and great-grandchildren!

Our deepest sympathies go to my sorority sister and friend Laurie Bond in the passing of her sister.

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