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Psalm 104, verse 12 reads, “The birds of the sky nest by the waters; they sing among the branches.” Despite the hail and the snow that has descended this past week, Spring is definitely on the way! I think the hen mallard has already set up housekeeping in the reeds of our pond, and other birds are sprucing up their colours. Several male goldfinches are almost completely transformed into their golden suit, which are so different from their drab winter outfit. The male cardinals and purple finches are also notching up their colours.

Although I still don’t have anything but snowdrops and crocus in flower and a vinca partly open, all the other spring beauties seem to grow taller daily despite the shivering cold. Spring is late by my calculations because I keep notes from year to year, and the pond just opened up on Friday, a week later than other years, and the female redwings, who usually return at the end of March, are still not around. But my indoor plants are thriving; begonias and dahlias in pots will be in great shape to go outside by the end of May!

Another of our Sandford long-timers has passed away. Norm Meek spent his whole life on the farm on the southern outskirts of Sandford, where daughter Sonya was the 5th generation of Meeks to live there. After many years of dairy farming, Norm, at 83, and his wife Carol (nee Midgley) sold the farm and moved to Prince Albert six years ago. A few short years later, Norm began his journey to ill health. He loved the outdoors, his gardens, hunting, and his plane.

He was remembered at a lovely service Sunday afternoon in Port Perry, conducted by Rev. Don Willmer. One item was a great poem composed by Gail Kerry called Anniversary Blues for their 50th anniversary. Flying was his passion, and the Kerry’s were companions in that. Norm had a great sense of humour and a tease and will be well remembered for his church and community work. His sister Ona passed away a short while ago, and there was also Ed Ellig, who lived not far from the MeeK farm, just a while ago too.

Cyril Giles will also be missed in the area as he spent most of his life around here, having come to Canada as a young man. He, too, gave a lot to his community and church and our deepest sympathies got to his wife Elsie and their family.

Bob Kirvan is wondering if anyone has a set of game horseshoes they could give to the club at the museum. There are 33 men and seven women already signed up for the coming season. Call Bob at 905-852-9176 if you do.

Happy birthday to Karen Van Vught Barnert! The Van Vughts lived next door for many years before Karen moved out to Calgary, met a young man, and had four children who are all into wrestling. A wow birthday wish to Mack Moore, who is now the big 16! Mack is already preparing for the coming riding season of barrel racing, chasing cattle and a few other activities from horseback. Best Wishes, Mack!

Liam Edwards is another young man going places! The oldest son of Gary and Jen. He turned 18 and is ready to move on and up! The Smalley twins, Jonathan and Jaclyn, firstborn of Stan and Amy, go into their third decade! Happy birthday also to piper Jay Stewart who keeps the legion band in step!

Another youngster celebrating is Jill Tindal, 11, daughter of Karyn and Ryan. The fortunate girl, no doubt, had a delicious cake because her mother has become an expert baker for all things dessert! On the other end of the scale is Gwen Lyons, formerly of Leaskdale but has been living in town for a number of years now. Gwen is now 92 and still going strong.

My growing-up neighbour Marie Wilson is also 92. Marie and her husband Earl lived on the Wilson farm right next to us until son Scott took over, when they moved to town. A few years after Earl died, Marie moved into Shobrook Gardens, where she enjoys life but misses her gardens. Earl always told me I was born in a thunderstorm, as if that explained everything!

Church today was led by pastor Laura Kay with Ruth Baker and granddaughter Alayna, on her violin, providing the music, including a beautiful duet called “The Power of the Cross”. Next Sunday, Rev. Dr. Bill Fritz will be our minister. Always a treat to hear him! Come and celebrate Easter Sunday with us at 10 a.m.

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