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It seems impossible, but March is gone.

Remember when you were younger and couldn't wait until you were older? Well, now I am older, and time seems to be flitting away. I looked at the moon tonight and thought, "How can it be almost a full moon again?" One of the names for the April full moon is Pink Moon because of the bloom of ground phlox. I hope we soon see that pretty pink flower! More reports of various flowers in friends' gardens are gradually coming into bloom. If the weather forecast for this week pans out, there should be lots more by the time you read this.

On Saturday evening, there was a Jack and Jill for Gerrit Herrema and his fiancé Sarah, who are getting married in September. I must correct what I said about Gerrit's parentage, as he is actually the son of Howie and Liz, not Ron and Mary Anne. I understand it was a great evening to help send them on their way in life together. I can't help thinking back to when Ron and Howie were little kids and later teens. Gerrit, of course, never left the farm run by his parents. Best wishes to them!

Mike Risebrough had the privilege last week of participating in the DeLaval Productivity Tour, in beautiful British Columbia. In his words, "They toured several farms near Abbotsford, Edaleen Dairy in Washington, JVA Dairy (which is a rehabilitation farm that milks water buffalo) and two farms on Vancouver Island. It was an experience never to be forgotten. The farms, the scenery and most of all, the people! What a great group. Thank you to DeLaval and Norwell Dairy Systems for making this trip happen." Looking at his pictures, I was most impressed by a stable full of water buffalo stalled up for milking, certainly an usual sight. He came home to find his own cattle with wonderful scores, with the classification of Holstein Canada.

We have had some crazy weather around here but not as bad as some places, such as the southern and mid-United States and even parts of Ontario. About eight men decided to take their snowmobiles to a place in Quebec. All went well until the trip home on Saturday, when they ran into a ferocious snowstorm near New Liskard, and were stranded for seven hours. Needless to say, this was a worrisome time for friends and family at home.

April 6th was my mother's birthday. She was born in 1916 and passed away in July of 2016, three months past 100 years.

Other birthdays this week were Anne Phillips of Uxbridge. Anne and her husband, Dave, are very active in the community and at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. One other birthday was Adeline or Addy Clark, the second daughter of Brad and Marcie. These young ladies are great examples of up-and-coming young farmers, as well as young ladies.

There is lots of wonderful entertainment coming up this month and beyond. We start with 'Foster at the Foster,' a concert of Stephen Foster melodies organized and directed by Conrad Boyce. It features Jane Loewen, Leslie Higgens, Laura Hughson, Julien Kelland and Renae Wolfesberger, some of the local, young and up-and-coming songstresses. The concerts are 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., on Saturday, April 15th and 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 16th. Admission is by donation at the door, but you are asked to get your tickets ahead of time at Blue Heron Bookstore.

Jazz at the Leaskdale concert will be hosted at Heritage Church on April 21st, followed by one on June 16th. This series was started by Thomas Baker to raise funds to restore the old/new grand piano, which now sits on the platform at the church. Concerts begin at 7:30 p.m., with admission by donation.

One Voice choir has also announced their first concert of the year, and unfortunately, it is also on April 21st, so you will have to choose which one to miss. Definitely, a hard decision to make. 'One Voice' will once more be singing at St. Paul's Anglican Church, at 7:30 p.m.; admission is $20.

Looking ahead, May concerts' Friday Nights at the Foster' are organized by the group Django Djunkies, who are quite often presenters at this venue. However, the first night, May 5th, will find the group Ferrport Jazz Ensemble providing the music. The leader is Doug Ferris of Port Perry. Doug is a former high school teacher and a candidate for the United Church Ministry. He has been the worship leader twice, at Sandford United Church anniversary services. Another face you might recognize is of local Dr. Michael Damus, the piano player.

May 12th is Garth Dynes, a blues singer and songwriter. May 19th is Justin Dillon and a hand pan. May 26th is Bob Vopni and his finger-style guitar picking. There is a lineup of entertainers from then on to September 29th.

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday, and the service was held at Sandford United Church, with Carol O'Neil as worship leader and Ruth Baker on piano. It was a lovely service, and to top it off, we had real palms to wave. Something we have missed the last number of years. It reminded me of my time in Belize when the processions were several miles long, and a man on a real donkey led the crowd. Following the service, we gathered for coffee, snacks and conversation. Next week the Easter service will be at Sandford United Church. Rev. Dr. William Fritz will be leading the service on this special day. You are welcome to join us. April 16th, Carol will be with us again and on April 23rd, our Annual General Meeting, following the service, held at Sandford United Church, with Rev. Wm. Fritz again in attendance.

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