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The trees look like they are decorated with crystal ropes of light but it is a result of the rain and very wet snow that fell Saturday evening. When the sun shone on this, it was a work of art! Most of the snow had melted from previous storms but we got it all back again. I still see fields of corn not yet harvested and wonder how long it will be until the next suitable weather comes by. Congratulations to Gord and Maggie (Harwood) Eng who celebrated their anniversary this past week. Happy birthday also to Eve-Lynn Swan! Eve-Lynn is a very busy young lady these days as she has taken on several volunteer roles with the Historical Society and with the Uxbridge Genealogy Group. We need many more volunteers in her age group for so many of our community organizations! The Bonner Boys are some of the younger volunteers of the community and once again they have made very generous donations. Thursday evening Cruise Nights gave $2200 to each of the Loaves and Fishes and the Cottage Hospital. Our thanks to all of them! If any of you United Church members remember back several years to the Observer magazine, you might recall that one of the regular contributors was a gentleman called John Philip Asling. For the last several years he has lived in England and contributed many articles to various magazines there, and yes, he is my cousin, although I have not met him personally. Lately he has been presented with an MA in creative writing, with a merit, from the Open University. I need to know what that is and will find out shortly no doubt as we are friends on Face Book. The Observer is no more of course. The very busy season of Craft sales seems to have past but there are sales in all the stores it seems and Gildercroft Furniture, on the third concession, had a sale this weekend. I hope that many took advantage. Many other craftspeople have also been having sales in their homes so best of luck to these entrepreneurs. Sandford UCW met Thursday December 12th for their Christmas meeting. There were 9 members present. We decided where our charity funds should go and unfortunately; we have considerably less funds than other years. A worship service and snacks completed the year. All women are welcome to join with us. Our next meeting will be January 23rd, 2020! Several of our congregation braved the snowstorm of Saturday evening to take in the Christmas concert by “Bach to Blues” in Stouffville. Rod and Joanie Sine were participating in the choir. In attendance where Adele Boy, Carol Johnson and Al and Jean Sopel and all pronounced it excellent, as expected. Good news has come about Dorothy Baker who was in Markham Stouffville Hospital. She is much improved and is now in the rehab section hoping to be out for Christmas. Wes Botham is also at home, resting comfortably, and will not be receiving any more treatments until after Christmas. It was good to see Heidi Lockerby out to church and feeling much better. Bill Richardson was also looking fit after an operation mid-week. Best wishes to all these folks and many more as this is the season of colds and flu, and other illnesses floating around. Several local families either took part in the Living Nativity or went to see the performance at Centennial Park over the first weekend. Saturday evening particularly must have been an uncomfortable time for both participants and viewers. Please make sure to see it next weekend. Another wonderful experience is the Fantasy of Lights at Elgin Park. Each year brings more and more great displays and this year is no different. We may soon run out of space for all those who want to participate- a positive problem for sure. The idea of the sleigh rides through the park is great but unfortunately it seems to only be for two nights. The bird life seems rather sparse these days, probably because when the snow melts all the wild seeds and berries are available and preferred by most birds and off they go to field and forest. A blizzard usually brings them back and that may be what we need for December 27th when the Uxbridge Christmas Bird Count takes place. Good for observing for the living room window but not so pleasant for those driving the roads looking for new species! If you would like to be part of the count, contact Derek Connell and get into the action! That evening at Scugog Library Ken Welsh will deliver his famed “A Boys Christmas in Wales” monologue. You may have heard it before but it never grows old. This Sunday Adele Boy conducted our church service with Ruth Baker at the piano. Adele just returned from Jordan on Tuesday having led our small group to Israel and Palestine for two weeks. Her message revolved around some of the people we met and what they were doing to help their Palestinian friends and neighbours survive. We really don’t know much of the truth that goes on over there! Next week Rev. Dr. Bill Fritz will conduct our service and lead us in Communion. All are welcome and encouraged to join with us. Nancy Wolfe will be playing the organ. The following Sunday Carol O`Neil will join us once again to complete the year. Pastor Gord Shreeve of the Mission Church will lead the Christmas Eve service at Sandford, 7 p.m. Nancy and Ruth will be playing and there will be other special music with church members participating. Please join with us.

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