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First some good news! Dorothy Baker is feeling much better and as of Thursday has moved into Butternut Manor. She has a corner unit, Rm 109, and can be contacted at: 905-852-6777-2-109. It was so great to have a chat with her a week or so ago and she was definitely looking forward to the move. She will be 95 this November! Also, Ross Risebrough is home again after almost 2 months in Uxbridge Hospital. He commended the nurses and all staff for their wonderful care. He underwent a lot of physiotherapy while there and is much more mobile than previously, but very happy to be home again. I am sure his family is glad he is back, even though they had been able to see him for the last few weeks. The bad news is that our dear Evelyn (Ross) Cox-Meek passed away on Sunday morning, very suddenly, although she had been in the hospital with pneumonia, and sent back to Butternut in quarantine. This is very sad as she was such a lovely person and always so active. She never stopped complaining that she couldn’t do the work she used to do; now I know exactly how she felt. Her husband, Bob, was also a patient in the hospital but for other medical problems. Long time Uxbridge residents may recall the Sanderson family who lived just outside town on the corner farm, 7th and Brookdale Rd. Bill Sanderson has not lived here for awhile but has many friends. Lately he has spent a number of weeks in the hospital and just now was diagnosed as having leukemia. As yet, no treatment has been detailed but he will soon know. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Now a correction! I had a visit one day from Bill Barton, whom I hadn’t seen for some time. During the course of the conversation the subject of the farm across the road, which belonged to his family, and now the Smiths, he told me that his parents Wally and Mary had purchased the farm from his grandparents Barton, not his mother’s parents, the Widdifields (The Widdifields are in my family line somewhere). It’s always good to get history straight. Both Garry and Yvonne Harrison had cataract surgery in July, but have recovered with only a slight setback. Of course, they also had a big anniversary and birthdays too. Not to mention their daughter Michelle had a birthday last week as well. Under other circumstances, she and her mother would have been somewhere exotic on a trip, as usually happens. A special lady had a special birthday last week. Ona Hackner was 90! Ona still lives in her farmhouse with her granddaughter Stephany. Her nephew Derek Hackner had some great photos on facebook of Ona as a girl, with her future sister-in-law Ilah (also 90), her husband Bruce etc. You would not mistake her. Gary and Jen Selwyn-Edwards celebrated their 24th anniversary. How they had time for that I don’t know as Jen is a full time nurse at South Lake and they always have a house full of rescued cats and kittens that need attention. They even at times rescue birds of prey that are somehow trapped. Former Zephyr residents and forever supporters, Don and Shirley Hewlett celebrated their 65th anniversary. Congratulations to a wonderful couple who have had a great life together! Happy birthday to our wonderful musician, Melinda Delorme, who both sings and plays beautifully. I hope you caught some of her short musical events on facebook awhile back. It was wonderful and uplifting! Right now, she and other teachers are puzzling over what is going to happen when the school year finally gets started. The plans change often so nobody really knows and it is frustrating and worrying, to say the least.

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