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World Day of Prayer 2024

This invitation is out for everyone, men, women and children of all ages, to join the 2024 World Day of Prayer as we celebrate the theme "I beg you … bear with one another in love" based on Ephesians 4:1-3. A committee of Christian women of Palestine has prepared the service this year. We are encouraged to reflect on the history and challenges faced by this area as citizens struggle for security, peace and independence, as well as the efforts that women have made during changes in ruling influences over the last century. This is an opportunity to examine a geographical area that is home to the birth of Christianity.

World Day of Prayer is an international, inter-church event that began around 100 years ago bringing social, geographic, and political barriers in 146 countries. Together, we pursue justice, peace and reconciliation by standing together in prayer and action.

Preparation for the day is vast. An international committee is based in New York, and there are national committees and organizations in each participating country. In Canada, the World Day of Prayer (WDP) is coordinated by the Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC), one of the original founders of this prayer movement.

Offerings received through the World Day of Prayer transform our prayers into action in the form of project grants empowering women and children in Canada and throughout the world. All regions share in the grants, with consideration given to the greatest need. Through WDP offerings, WICC has distributed around three million dollars for small projects in the past 40 years. The vision is to restore hope to women and children touched by injustice.

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