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WindReach Farm hosts RCMP Musical Ride & SuperDogs in celebration of their 35th Anniversary!

Carol Dahlquist, WindReach Farm Foundation

DURHAM: WindReach Farm hosted over 2,000 guests, on Wednesday, June 12th and Thursday, June 13th, 2024, for the RCMP Musical Ride and The Global Pet Foods SuperDog show.

This event celebrated 35 years of WindReach Farm, fulfilling its mission of providing programs and services to individuals, in the community of Durham and beyond, with diverse support needs. WindReach, a 105 acre farm, uses a farm environment to inspire, empower and change lives every day! Founded by Alexander J. Mitchell (Sandy), this event celebrated his legacy by providing this experience to the community and to those we serve each and every day.

An event of this magnitude could not take place without the help of a dedicated group of volunteers. Over 60 volunteers assisted each day with greeting guests, directing traffic and parking, organizing seating for those with special needs, as well as managing the overall planning and logistics of the event, under the guidance of the planning committee. Truly a testament to the value of volunteers and the importance of WindReach in the community. “It was an honour to host the RCMP Musical Ride,” said Carol Dahlquist, Executive Director, WindReach Farm Foundation. “This is a piece of Canadian history and we were thrilled to have such a great turnout, and in particular individuals with special needs, who often do not have an opportunity to see such an event. It fits with our mission, to be able to provide these experiences to our participants as well as the greater community. In addition, the SuperDogs are loved by our participants who line up at the Royal Winter Fair every year to see them. It was wonderful to give them these experiences in their own back yard!”

In addition, we hosted an RCMP Reception with a SuperDog show, on Tuesday, June 11th, in which, Regional Chair & CEO, John Henry brought greetings, in addition to Christiane Khalileyh, representative from MPP Lorne Coe’s office. We are thankful to have such strong support in the community and are very grateful to have the RCMP Musical Ride perform for us again, along with the Global Pet Foods SuperDogs!

Many thanks to our Partners, who helped make this event possible.

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