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Why do we plan?

by Tina Y. Gerber – McCurley I was blessed to meet two lovely ladies who follow my articles in The Standard, and we began chatting. It led me to write this current article.

It made me wonder about planning and how the best-laid plans can change. I had just made my Funeral arrangement, with Wagg's Funeral Home, and had a meeting with Riverin Law Firm, to complete my will. I don't plan to die anytime soon, but that is up to God and His will for me in my life, and also and yours. At 65, I thought I should prepare and plan. After all, I am a big planner, someone who is detailed and who likes to have an agenda.

I planned to get up early today but didn't; I planned to do laundry but didn't. I didn't plan on the shower clogging up or dropping my towel in the water. However, I thank God for the ability to shower, to have hot, clean water to bathe in and a roof over my head.

One of my favourite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11. It speaks about the plans God has for us. God's words are a faithful lamp, to guide us as we seek His plans for our lives. Why do we continue to make our own plans? Scripture also says, the Lord will direct our steps. I believe God will send a storm, to push us to the other side. He will send us to a place we never dreamt of and certainly couldn't do on our own.

Though the world continues to rebel against God, and we all struggle with sin, salvation in Christ secures our eternal place in heaven. When I wrote my own obituary, I did not write about my accomplishments or awards, just about my sweet husband and amazing children and grandchildren. Gifts from God.

We are all working parts of God's kingdom, whether we are 6, 26, 46, 66 or 86. God is faithful to lead us when we ask Him for directions. I finally understood my life lessons, or could articulate: our life is rooted in working with the gifts and talents He has given us, to meet the needs at home, work, Church, and the community worldwide.

Praying, studying scripture, and my PPBC Family's love for me help to remind me, and encourage me, God does have a plan. For every blessing, burden or storm-filled day, I trust His plan for my life. It took me many years to see His hand has been guiding me since birth.

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