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Who says being a senior means you can’t travel like you’re young by Tina Y. Gerber

Who says being a senior means you can’t travel like you’re young by Tina Y. Gerber

Retirement is the ideal time to get out and see the world. Many retired folks love the idea of having adventures; from biking and hiking to surfing and bungee jumping. Seniors are happy to visit key destinations like beaches, for outdoor activities and to create those unending memories. For those who prefer a slower and more relaxing travel environment, perhaps taking a luxury cruise or indulging in exploring the continent in a recreational vehicle?

They say, everyone has a place where they would love to visit, from the Rocky Mountains to Australia; the land down under. For many, Hawaii tops the bucket list. I must admit, I am not a world traveller. Still, I have experienced Hawaii’s warm beaches and went snorkelling, where I saw some amazing sea creatures and tropical fish along the vibrant coral reef. I also have visited Jamacia, where they have beautiful beaches and delicious spicy food. I ate jerk chicken, curry goat and even enjoyed the national dish, Ackee. In addition, I was amazed by the beautiful rain-forest and beaches of Costa Rica and by all their hospitability.

Visiting Las Vegas and the famous Las Vegas Strip along with the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam was an architectural marvel. Unfortunately, my trip to Ireland was cancelled but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

To me, the expanse of Canada’s natural beauty, from the mountains and glaciers to the secluded lakes and forests, is almost unparalleled.

There is so much more I should see and explore now that I am retired. I love to learn about the past and about our historic cities and explore our national parks. As I get healthier and healthier, a nature-inspired road trip sounds like my kind of adventure. Canada offers winter, spring, summer and autumn charm. I have only visited Quebec and Montreal and would love to visit as many provinces as possible over the next few years. Today’s seniors are less interested in acquiring material things but are more interested in having life-changing experiences; and I wholeheartedly agree. The world is open, presenting an endless stream of potential experiences.

Travelling does get harder as you get older, for a variety of reasons. Today, just about any major tourist spot can be accessible to seniors.

There are, however, a variety of ways you can plan a successful trip if you have limited mobility. The only thing to stop you from fulfilling your dreams is YOU. Planning is the key. In this world, there is always plenty to see and do. And you can do most of it from a walker or wheelchair!

Always remember, adversity is not a detour; it’s part of the path. May you have a safe journey, and may the Almighty protect you in the next chapter of your life because the greatest reward is in the journey itself.

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