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Who cuts your grass?

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: Did you know business owners are responsible for their own property maintenance?

If you own a business in the Township of Uxbridge, you’re responsible for taking care of your businesses’ property.

For example, say you own a sizeable lot. The lot likely has some grass on it. You may be wondering how you’re supposed to maintain it. There are many contractors within Uxbridge and surrounding areas you can call to cut your grass for you.

According to the Parks and Trails manager for the Township of Uxbridge, Courtney Clarke, the Township is only responsible for maintaining properties the township owns. Some examples include the Town Hall and the Uxbridge Arena.

Ms. Clarke said, she thinks taking care of grass on Township properties and local businesses helps maintain the town’s aesthetic. And it’s important to take care of the grass on your property, so that includes cutting it.

The Township is responsible for maintaining other properties as well. This is because the Township of Uxbridge owns the soccer fields, so they’re responsible for cutting the grass on those properties in Uxbridge. The baseball fields in Uxbridge are a similar situation as well. “We own them, so we maintain them,” said Ms. Clarke.

And, according to Ms. Clarke, the Township contracts most of the work out to landscapers, but also takes care of some of the cutting itself.

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