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Visit Impressions of Nature at the Scugog Library


SCUGOG: The Scugog Library is hosting two local artists at the Kent Farndale Gallery, Terry Gill and Ann Robinson. Their paintings will be free to view at the gallery until the end of August.

Currently, Mr. Gill lives at a senior's residence and has health concerns that make it difficult for him to travel as much as he would like to. However, he and Ms. Robinson are happy to share the Kent Farndale Gallery space. The two met at Lakeview Park Beach in Oshawa during a painting session.

"I'm so pleased to be in a show," said Mr. Gill. And he is thankful to Ms. Robinson for helping organize and prepare for the show.

Mr. Gill started painting when he was in his fifties. "Like most people, I went through anxiety and depression," explained Mr. Gill. "Art has saved my life," he said. Art has "great therapy," and painting helped him combat the negative thoughts he was experiencing.

Mr. Gill approaches painting a little differently. "I never paint from a photograph," said Mr. Gill. Although Mr. Gill cannot always visualize his newest creations before he begins, he always knows they will be from someone sitting in a canoe. He aims to show people what he saw from his canoe within his artwork. However, although he uses a wheelchair now, he can still share the canoeing experience through his art.

Mr. Gill is very grateful that Port Perry has the Kent Farndale Gallery because it allows artists to showcase their work, "Art is the heart and soul of [every] community."

He has some advice for other artists: "Capture what you can about nature and [include it] in your paintings; put the feelings into it."

To learn more about Terry Gill and his work, please visit his website at

You can also pick up a business card at the gallery to learn more about Ann Robinson and her work.

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