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Uxbridge Swim Club adds new diving blocks & lane ropes to UxPool

JAMES HOUGHTON USC/Special to The Standard

The Uxbridge Swim Club (USC) is pleased and proud to announce, it has recently added new lane ropes and new diving blocks to the UxPool facility, its home for swim practices and swim meets alike.

After many years of activity, both the existing lane ropes and diving blocks were showing evidence of wear and tear. Concerns about them becoming a safety issue were also a driver, to ensure replacements were made as soon as possible.

The Swim Club, the most active tenant of the pool, decided to “step up” (pun intended) and replace both the lane ropes and the diving blocks.

The new equipment was recently installed, on Saturday, October 28th. The six current longest serving members of the club, Indira Barton, Chloe Walker, Tristan McKinney, Ethan Sneath, Ava Milenov and Maryn Wray, “cut the ribbon” by diving off the new blocks at Saturday's morning practice. They were quickly followed by all of the other swimmers at the practice.

“The club has been fundraising for many years, and thanks to our parents, patrons and the general public, we have been able to make these additions to the pool,” shared Club President Laura Lee and Past-President / Treasurer Jenn Davies.

Though the equipment will continue to be owned by the club, it will benefit not just the swim club members but all users of the pool. “The new ropes and, particularly, the new blocks will also attract more visiting swim clubs to our meets which will help raise funds for more infrastructure, such as new timing boards and related equipment,” added Sarah Steinke, Head Coach of the club.

The Uxbridge Swim Club started its 2023-2024 season in September and continues to welcome swimmers of all abilities, from Beginners to Elites. If you would like to learn more about the Club, please contact Sarah Steinke, Head Coach, at

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