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Uxbridge Scouts pitch adopt a park plan


UXBRIDGE: Councillors enthusiastically endorsed a recent plan from the local scout troop, to introduce an ‘Adopt a Park’ program.

Similar to the longstanding ‘Adopt a Road’ program, the plan was pitched to councillors at their meeting, on the morning of Monday, March 4th, by Kathryn Marlatt, the youth commissioner for the 1st Uxbridge Scout Group.

As Ms. Marlatt explained, in October 2023, the Scouts received the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s Young Conservationist Award which inspired the group to take on additional environmental efforts in the community.

The plan pitched by the Scouts would see the group adopt Elgin Park. The hope is, eventually, all parks in Uxbridge Township can be covered by the program which would see the Scouts visit the park periodically to clean up litter and trash, as well as other beautification efforts, to ensure Uxbridge’s parks remain in great shape for all visitors.

Councillors praised the group for their commitment to the community and the environment.

“I don’t know that the community, maybe, fully appreciates all of the work you do,” commented, Ward 3 Councillor, Zed Pickering. “I’m so thankful just to be able to walk through a clean space, and have it be a clean space and all of the hazards are taken care of. I appreciate your group for all you’re doing.”

Ward 4 Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Willie Popp also praised the work done by local Scouts, noting, it will allow even more residents to participate in the outdoors and will be a tremendous asset to the community.

A report from, Deputy Director of Public Works, Courtney Clarke outlined the specifics of the plan which noted, the current Adopt a Road program could be expanded to include local parks. Under the current program, groups or individuals agree to maintain a designated portion of Township property. The recommendation the program be expanded to include parks, with the Scouts assigned to Elgin Park, was unanimously approved by Council.

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